Latin American Students’ Association

The members of the Latin American Students' Association (LASA) work to bring cultural, social and educational awareness about the Latino heritage and traditions to the campus of Gettysburg College.  

Their purpose is two-fold: to enable Latinos to grow and move forward remembering the significance of their roots and to expose non-Hispanics to the growing U.S. Latino culture in the United States and foster an understanding the Latino community.  

LASA's Goals

1.  Cultural:  To promote the culture by organizing, participating, and sponsoring events/activities that celebrate la cultura Latina.

2.  Social:  To promote a Latino atmosphere through organizing and/or sponsoring social events in or outside of the campus community.

3.  Community:  To serve student/family communities through social and community service.

4.  Familia:  To create an environment of friendship, respect, peer support, trust and understanding between all members.


Gabriela Gaona, President
Ruth de Jesus, Advisor