Top Ten Reasons to minor in LAS

10. Learn more about 34 countries, home to some 550 million people.

9. Study abroad through programs in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and others that Gettysburg students have called "amazing" [study abroad is not required for the LAS minor].

8. Discover the cultures of a region with increasing global significance.

7. Enjoy an interdisciplinary program-you can learn about Latin Americans and U.S. Latinos by taking courses in Anthropology, Economics, English, History, Political Science, Spanish, Sociology, and more!

6. Acquire useful skills by getting together with others interested in Latin America- for example, you can learn to cook new foods, dance salsa, and watch a fútbol (soccer) match broadcast in Spanish!

5. Get better acquainted with Latinos in Gettysburg, members of a growing segment of the U.S. population.

4. Learn from guest experts: filmmakers, scholars, writers, and musicians.

3. Impress potential employers and graduate schools with your diverse interests and broad training.

2. Change your perspective on the world.

1. You may already be near the finish line!  Because LAS draws on courses from a number of departments and programs, students often find they have nearly completed the minor.

Please see the LAS Coordinator to discuss the Latin American Studies minor.