Organization and Management Studies

Students who major in Organization and Management Studies (OMS) choose one of two tracks: Organizations and Society or Intra-Organizational Dynamics. Courses cover such topics as organizational culture, social responsibility, ethics, leadership, motivation, gender and diversity in organizations, and organizational change. The major gives an opportunity to dig deeply into some of the most important issues organizations grapple with today, including sustainability, corporate ethics, and globalization.

Organizations and Society Track
This track explores the dynamic relationships between organizations and society. Throughout history, organizations have played a pivotal role in shaping society. Rather than just studying organizations from a managerial perspective, courses in this track allow students to study organizations from a critical perspective. Equal consideration is given to various theories, such as stakeholder theory versus shareholder theory. Other topics include the purpose of corporations, organizations and global sustainability, organized labor and the distribution of wealth, organizing for green markets, ethics, corporate welfare, globalization, and organizations and social justice.

Intra-Organizational Dynamics Track
Intra-Organizational Dynamics examines the complex relationships among individuals, institutions, policies, structures, and organizational climate. A diverse range of courses gives students the opportunity to study topics related to organizational culture, workplace motivation, work and family balance, operations management, human resources, selection, organizational assessment, leadership, and organizational change.

Students majoring in OMS must complete six core courses, at least three courses from their chosen track (Organizations and Society or Intra-Organizational Dynamics), one course from the other track, and the capstone experience for their chosen track.