Capstone Experience

Process for Completing the Capstone Experience in Mathematics

Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, senior math majors will no longer satisfy their capstone requirement by taking Math 403.

Instead, senior math majors will satisfy their capstone requirement by taking one of several upper-level courses designated by the math department as “capstone courses.”

As part of the work for these courses, students will conduct an independent project. This project will include writing a paper and giving a public presentation.

The “capstone course” requirement takes the place of the Math 403 requirement; it is in addition to the other course requirements for the math major. 


Q: Do I have to be a senior to take a capstone course?

A: Non-seniors may enroll in capstone courses.  For these students, the capstone course will count as an ordinary 300-level math course.

Q: May I take more than one capstone course?

A: Yes. Only one of these courses will count as fulfilling your capstone requirement; the others will count as ordinary 300-level courses.

Q: Can I fulfill the capstone requirement before my senior year?

A: Not unless you have a really good reason (e.g. you will not be on campus your senior year) and you have secured the permission of the department chair.

Q: How do I know which courses are “capstone courses”?

A: The department will announce, prior to registration, which of the next year’s courses will be capstone courses.

Q: Can I fulfill my capstone requirement with an independent study?

A: You may ask a professor to do an independent study with you to satisfy your capstone requirement. It is at the professor’s discretion whether or not s/he does this, and is subject to departmental approval.