Colloquium Series

Fall 2015

September 24, 2015: Beth Matys and Sam Edwards
Math Summer Research Presentations

October 8, 2015: Dick Forrester, Chair and Associate Professor, Dickenson College
Optimal Crop Rotation at the Dickinson College Organic Farm

October 22, 2015: Dr. Lake Bookman, Yale Universty
Solitons and Nanomagnetic Devices

October 29, 2015: Kelly Collins and Abby Tootell
Summer Internahips

November 12, 2015: Dr. Katherine Crowley
Mathematics and Policy: Strategies for Effective Advocacy

December 3, 2015, Senior Capstones
Kevin Campbell, Falling Sand
Kelly Collins,
Finding  Sum-Free Sets: The Signed and Restricted Case

December 8, 2015, Senior Capstones
Zachary Miller
Melanie Hazlett
Sarah Scott

December 10, 2015, Senior Capstones
Kenneth Lewis
Timothy Meinert








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