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Mathematics Programs

Courses in mathematics build a strong foundation for a career in the field and for an expanding range of other fields that require sophisticated understanding of mathematics. Faculty work closely with you to instill an appreciation of the intrinsic purity and precision of mathematics and its practical value in the social and natural sciences.

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Capstone Projects

  • Kevin Cable, Discrete Logarithms in Cryptography
  • Courtney Cox, Who's Got the Power? An Introduction to Power Indices
  • Suzannah Emerson, Penrose Tiling and Nonperiodic Islamic Architectural Ornament
  • Conor Finn, Continuous Dependence on Modeling for the Backward Heat Equation
  • Wesley Galbraith, Classifying Compact, Connected Surfaces
  • Karenna Genzlinger, A Study in Ring Multiplication Tables
  • Aleksandra Petkova, Mathematical Modeling of the Sleeping Brain: Understanding the Dynamics of Early Child Sleep
  • Emily Thren, Using Euclid's Theorems to Minimize Skin Grafts in the Operating Room

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