Mathematics Programs

Courses in mathematics build a strong foundation for a career in the field and for an expanding range of other fields that require sophisticated understanding of mathematics. Faculty work closely with you to instill an appreciation of the intrinsic purity and precision of mathematics and its practical value in the social and natural sciences.

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Capstone Projects

  • Mandy Buell
    When Earthquakes Hit, Buildings React: Modeling Building Response to Earthquakes Using Differential Equations and Eigenvalues
  • Carolina Concannon
    Markov Chains and Their Criteria For Regularity.
  • Meghan Gerber
    Hat Games
  • Ryan Matzke
    Fixed and Furious: Fixed Points in Mathematics
  • Alice Mitnick
    For When Life Isn't Fair: Methods in Fair Division
  • Christina Moore
    The 2008 Financial Crisis & The Gaussian Copula: What Went Wrong?
  • Tyler Reckner
    p-adic Analysis and the Maximum Modulus Principle
  • Sirius Xu
    Nash Equilibria in Non-Cooperative Games

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Student Research

Finding the Roots of a Function by Amanda Kroft '10