Department Learning Goals

  • Students should develop a familiarity with the history and culture of mathematics, leading to a broad view and appreciation of the field and how it differs from other fields.
  • Students should understand how the mathematical sciences can be used to model and solve problems across disciplines.
  • Students should have facility with the basic skills of undergraduate mathematics including Calculus and Linear Algebra.
  • Students should learn what it means to think abstractly and be able to use skills of abstraction in a variety of contexts.
  • Students should be able to formulate mathematical proofs and analyze arguments presented by others.
  • Students should develop independence in reading, learning, doing, and speaking mathematics.
  • Students should have the ability to use computer programming and appropriate technological tools to solve mathematical problems.
  • Students should understand a variety of strategies (computational, theoretical, pure, applied, etc) with which to approach novel mathematical situations and recognize situations in which these different approaches would be most appropriate.
  • Students should be able to communicate mathematical ideas precisely and concisely, both verbally and in writing.


Adopted Spring 2012