Worldwide Researchers: Sarah Tuttle '13 and Andrew Monthey '14 explore scholarly interests through Mellon Summer Research Grants

Students dig deeper into their scholarly interests through Mellon Summer Research Grants

At Gettysburg College, the drive for knowledge is not limited to the classroom. Andrew Monthey ’14 and Sarah Tuttle ’13 travelled across the globe to learn more about their scholarly interests – once in a lifetime opportunities made possible through Mellon Summer Research Grants.

Andrew Monthey ’14 
Jezreel Valley, Israel
“The metrology of an Early Bronze Age settlement in the Jezreel Valley”

It was a class in the fall of 2011 with classics Prof. Jonathan David – who also happened to be an assistant director of an archaeological project in northern Israel – that inspired Andrew Monthey ’14 to travel to Israel to conduct field research in the late spring and summer of 2012.

Together with the director of the project, David and Monthey, a classical studies major with a minor in philosophy, proposed a research design that was both novel and groundbreaking in the Jezreel Valley. They studied how Early Bronze Age I inhabitants of Tel Megiddo East designed their structures with standardization, using a standard unit measurement, the cubit. Their end goal was to determine the social role and status of this small settlement in relation to the nearby larger, fortified Megiddo, which featured a temple from the same time period that was designed using the cubit.

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