Professor Kerry Walters publishes two articles in the Huffington Post


Prof. Kerry Walters wrote two invited Huffington Post pieces.  One was an article based on his new book, Explosion on the Potomac, titled, “An Explosion that Changed the Nation”, about an accident that changed the course of the nation. The other article was, "A Demonology of Chemical Weaponry," arguing that our dread of chemical weapons is a contemporary expression of an ancient and deep-seated fear of inexplicable evil.  

Read the full “An Explosion that Changed the Nation” article

Read the full “A Demonology of Chemical Weaponry” article

Prof. Walters also published four new books this summer: a critical edition of John Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration (Broadview), Explosion on the Potomac: The 1844 Calamity Aboard the USS Princeton (History Press), Lincoln, the Rise of the Republicans, and the Coming of the Civil War (ABC-CLIO/Praeger), and Giving Up Find God: Breaking Free of Idolatry (Orbis). 

About Kerry Walters

Walters is the award-winning author of over thirty books in philosophy, theology, and history. His two newest books, John XXIII: A Short Biography and John Paul II: A Short Biography, will be released in November by Franciscan Media.