At Gettysburg College, we see philosophy as a part of the well-lived life and as a bridge to all intellectual pursuits.  Philosophy is not about memorizing the views of past thinkers, but about confronting the challenges and opportunities of the real world in ways that lead to insight, wisdom, and engagement. Philosophy points to the world, looking at issues that confront our planet and seeking understanding from a wide variety of perspectives and approaches. 

Our classes include Philosophy and Food, Gender and Identity, Technology and Contemporary Life, Philosophy of Place, and Ethics and Economic Life. We see philosophy as part of every endeavor, teaching interdisciplinary courses with members of many other departments and examining issues at the foundations of a wide range of intellectual and creative activities.  Philosophy of Music, Reading Darwin, Einstein and the Big Questions, and Deliberative Democracy are but a few of our offerings that connect philosophy with physics, art, mathematics, law, film, psychology, literature, chemistry, economics, and many other pursuits.