Students must begin by enrolling in any 100-level philosophy course or in a First-Year Seminar taught by a member of the Philosophy faculty.  Those courses require no prior experience, but completion of one of them is required for enrollment in a 200- or 300-level philosophy course. (The rare exceptions are noted in the course descriptions.)

A philosophy major consists of a minimum of nine courses in philosophy. No more than two 100-level courses may be counted toward the major. For the major, students must complete:

  1. a 100-level course or FYS taught by a philosophy instructor;
  2. at least two courses from our history of philosophy sequence: PHIL 205, 206, 207, and 208;
  3. Philosophy 211: Logic;
  4. one or more advanced 300-level courses; and
  5. PHIL 400:  Senior Seminar.   (PHIL 466: Senior Thesis is also recommended for all majors and is taken as an individualized study in either the fall or spring term. Students work closely with faculty on a subject of their choice.)



A philosophy minor consists of six philosophy courses in the department, including at least one 100-level course but not more than two.