The Department's Tech Room/Machine Shop is devoted to special student and faculty research, as well as routine equipment maintenance (much of the equipment used in our first year laboratories was constructed or modified there).

Under the direction of faculty and technician Gary Hummer, it offers students a place to build project equipment, get their hands dirty, and learn new aspects of "Murphy's Law..."

In addition to power machinery such as lathes, drill presses and milling machines, the workshop is equipped with welding equipment and a large selection of hand tools, as well as supplies, for example, of metal bar and sheet stock.  While woodworking facilities are limited, there is access to the College's Facilities Services carpentry shop.  Over the years, the Physics Department's capabilities have sufficiently improved to the point that it is an unusual job that cannot be handled there.


The Physics Department purchased a new milling machine at the start of the new year.  The new Bridgeport Knee Mill took some planning and a crew of people to get it in the building, but made its way into Masters Hall and is now ready to be put to work.

Bridgeport Mill

The new milling machine will be a great addition to the Physics Department, with its many functions and capabilities. The machine will be used by students for senior projects, to fabricate fittings, lab demos and much more.