Sharon L. Stephenson

Sharon Stephenson received her B.S. in physics from Millsaps College and her Ph.D. in nuclear physics from North Carolina State University. Her research is in the specific structure of nuclei and in the nuclear weak force, which takes her to the Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab on the campus of Duke University, as well as to the Los Alamos National Laboratory near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Besides teaching courses and labs in introductory physics, modern physics, and classical mechanics, as well as a first year seminar on gender in science and technology, Dr. Stephenson serves as advisor to the Gettysburg chapter of the Society of Physics Students and as coordinator for the Department's Dual-Degree Engineering Program.


Sharon L. Stephenson

Sharon L. Stephenson
Chairperson/Sahm Professor of Physics, Physics

Phone: (717) 337 - 6023

Box: Campus Box 0405

Address: Masters Hall
Room 107
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325-1400

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