Physics and The Honor Code

The Physics Department supports all aspects of the Gettysburg College Honor Code. While the general requirements of the Honor Code apply to all student work, it is important for physics students to understand what constitutes "authorized aid" for problem assignments, laboratory work, and computer exercises. 

  • It is standard practice for physicists to discuss their work with each other. The Physics Department encourages student collaboration, but each student must take responsibility and credit for his/her work and not that of others.
  • Problem assignments play a major role in most physics courses. Problems submitted for correction and grading should represent a student's own work; assistance obtained from others should be noted as such.

Laboratory work is often performed by students working together. Close cooperation between partners is essential.

  • The Department recognizes help from other students in laboratory work as "authorized aid." However, if partners turn in identical laboratory reports, low grades will result due to poor scholarship.
  • The signing the Honor Pledge on a laboratory report means that a student was present when the experiment was performed and that actively participated in taking data, performing calculations, and answering questions.
  • Computer assignments follow a pattern not too different from problem assignments. Variations among courses, however, are extensive enough to require separate rules for each course. It is the student's responsibility to understand and follow the particular rules in each course.
  • Students are encouraged to talk to a professor should they have any questions regarding the Honor Code.