Inside the Middle East with the Eisenhower Institute

A new Eisenhower Institute (EI) program challenges Gettysburg College students to dig deeper than the news headlines and Western perceptions of the Middle East to truly understand contemporary complexities and issues. And for the students in the inaugural program, the capstone of their year was a trip to Israel and Palestine.

While there, nine students in Inside the Middle East met with Israeli and Palestinian professionals in fields including media, intelligence, and international law.

“The program’s major objective is to add new dimensions of knowledge regarding the Middle East and also to encourage critical thinking capacities and skills. I can say decisively and gladly that the visit was a great success in that context,” said program leader Avi Melamed, Middle East strategic intelligence analyst and inaugural Rosenzwog Fellow of Intelligence & Middle East Affairs at the Eisenhower Institute.

The program has already attracted a number of Gettysburg students – some of whom were previously involved with EI’s programs, and many who were not, including those with an interest in Arabic and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.

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