Path of a PoliSci major

From the college search to an internship with “The Chris Matthews Show,” Gettysburg College senior Anthony Palmer cherishes his academic journey in political science.
Buried neck-deep in admissions materials, Anthony Palmer ’13 had a decision to make. The standout high school senior was in search of a college or university that would offer a close-knit campus environment, where he could speak to his professors face to face and learn in an intimate classroom rather than a large lecture hall. His decision to attend Gettysburg College was one of many over the next four years that would lead to a newfound love for political science and government policy, as well as an internship with The Chris Matthews Show.

“Gettysburg was the last college I visited,” said Palmer, a first generation college student who had narrowed his search to 16 schools. “As I walked around campus on my tour, I was welcomed by teachers, students, and administrators who were passionate about the school. It was the perfect place for me.”

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