Leah Grandi ’14 accepted into medical school

“Gettysburg has been incredibly helpful in my applications process. They let you know exactly what you need to do to get accepted, and they don't tiptoe around the huge holes in your application” – Leah Grandi ’14

Leah Grandi ’14 started thinking about applying to medical school in during her senior year of high school.  As a child, Grandi wanted to be a veterinarian or a marine biologist.  However, when she realized she really enjoys meeting and getting to know new people, she decided that medical school would be a better fit.   

Before attending medical school interviews, the members of the Health Professions Committee helped Grandi prepare for her medical school interviews. 

“I found the interview to be particularly helpful because I had never interviewed with a huge committee like that before.  I found that medical school interviews were a lot easier after I had that experience,” Grandi said.  

Grandi will be attending Temple University School of Medicine, St. Luke’s Campus in the fall of 2014.  Although she is not positive about what field of medicine she will go into, she is thinking about general Internal Medicine or Geriatrics. 

“As strange as it sounds, I am most looking forward to anatomy in medical school. I am a very visual learner, and it will help me greatly to be able to see how the entire body is structured and learn where certain organs are in relation to other organs or structures,” Grandi said.