All Prizes & Awards

Lou Hammann Award in Interdisciplinary Study
Created in honor of Lou Hammann, Professor of Religion from 1956 to 1997, for his encouragement of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Awarded to a senior who has done exemplary work in interdisciplinary studies as measured by completion of a senior thesis, grade point average in the individual major courses, and participation in interdisciplinary studies and co-curricular activities.

John Alfred Hamme Awards
Two awards, established by John Alfred Hamme ’18, to be given to the two juniors who have demonstrated in the highest degree the qualities of loyalty, kindness, courtesy, true democracy, and leadership.

Dr. Carl Arnold Hanson, President Emeritus, Leadership Award
Created by his wife, Anne Keet Hanson, friends and alumni, in honor of Dr. Carl Arnold Hanson, President of Gettysburg College from 1961 to 1977. Awarded to a student who has achieved at least a 3.0 average in his or her major through the middle of the junior year and has demonstrated significant leadership abilities in one or more areas of college life

Henry W. A. Hanson Scholarship Award
Created by College alumni in honor of Henry W. A. Hanson, President of Gettysburg College from 1923 to 1952, in recognition of his leadership of and distinguished service to Gettysburg College and to the cause of education in the Lutheran Church and the nation. Awarded to a senior who plans to enter graduate school in preparation for college teaching.

James Boyd Hartzell Memorial Award
Established by James Hamilton Hartzell ’24 and his wife, Lucretia Irvine Boyd Hartzell, to be awarded to a junior student majoring in economics or in management for outstanding scholarship and promise in these fields.

Mildred H. Hartzell Prize
Created by Louise B. Hartzell, in memory of her sister, Mildred H. Hartzell ’26, to be awarded to a student who shows high quality in more than scholarship; preference is given to a member of Alpha Phi Omega, the national service fraternity, or other organizations that may reflect similar quality and ideals.

Harry C. and Catherine Noffsinger Hartzell Award
Created by James Hamilton Hartzell ‘24 in memory of his parents, to be awarded to the outstanding junior student in the Department of Sociology and in the Department of Anthropology.

Hassler Latin Prize
Established by Charles W. Hassler, to be awarded to the best Latin student in the junior class.

John A. Hauser Meritorious Prize in Business
Created by the family of John A. Hauser, to be awarded to an outstanding organization and management studies major who has achieved excellence in both academic studies and campus leadership, while demonstrating good character and concern for high moral standards.

Grace C. Kenney Award
Created to honor Grace C. Kenney, an educator for 39 years at Gettysburg College, to be given to a junior or senior. First preference is given to a student who has participated in health sciences studies and who has demonstrated the highest academic accomplishments and leadership skills.

Rev. George N. Lauffer (1899) and M. Naomi Lauffer (1898) Scholarship Award
Given each year to a junior who has maintained high scholarship and who evidences outstanding ability and character. It is understood that the recipient will complete the senior year at Gettysburg College.

J. Andrew Marsh Memorial Awards
Awarded each year to the sophomore and junior students of Gettysburg College who best exemplify the “whole person” concept through positive attitude, exceptional spirit, high standards, and notable achievement, both curricular and extracurricular.

Karl J. Mattson Service Award
Established by the Center for Public Service in honor of Karl J. Mattson, Director of the Center for Public Service from 1992–2001 and Chaplain of the College from 1977–1992, to be presented to a graduating senior who demonstrates compassion and a commitment to social justice by making significant contributions to the College and the larger community through service and advocacy.

Dr. George R. Miller and Dr. Richard T. Mara First-Year Student Prize in Physics
Created by alumni and friends in memory of George R. Miller ’19 and Richard T. Mara ’48, to be awarded to a sophomore for outstanding performance in physics as a first-year student.

Dr. George R. Miller and Dr. Richard T. Mara Senior Prize in Physics
Created by alumni and friends in memory of George R. Miller ’19 and Richard T. Mara ’48, to be awarded to a senior for sustained outstanding performance in physics.

Franklin Moore Award
Established by friends of Mr. Moore, to be given to the senior who, during his or her undergraduate years, has shown the highest degree of good citizenship and, by character, industry, enterprise, initiative, and activities, has contributed the most toward campus morale and the prestige of the College.

Toni Morrison–Wole Soyinka Africana Studies Essay Award
Given annually to the student writing the best essay in Africana studies.

Samuel A. Mudd Psychology Award
Established by Paul M. Muchinsky ’69 in honor of Samuel A. Mudd ’57, former professor of psychology. Award is presented to a graduating senior psychology major who has demonstrated a high level of personal integrity and outstanding scholarship.

Muhlenberg First Year Student Prize
Created by Dr. Frederick A. Muhlenberg (1836), to be awarded to the first-year student taking Greek or Latin who attains the highest general quality point average.

Muhlenberg Goodwill Prize
Awarded to a male senior “for growth during formative years at Gettysburg College in awareness of personal responsibility for the welfare of all peoples; for a degree of achievement in same during College years and in the hope of future accomplishment for betterment of Community, State and Nation.”