Endowed Annual Prizes & Awards

Samuel A. Mudd Psychology Award
Established by Paul M. Muchinsky ’69 in honor of Samuel A. Mudd ’57, former professor of psychology. Award is presented to a graduating senior psychology major who has demonstrated a high level of personal integrity and outstanding scholarship.

Muhlenberg First Year Student Prize
Created by Dr. Frederick A. Muhlenberg (1836), to be awarded to the first-year student taking Greek or Latin who attains the highest general quality point average.

Muhlenberg Goodwill Prize
Awarded to a male senior “for growth during formative years at Gettysburg College in awareness of personal responsibility for the welfare of all peoples; for a degree of achievement in same during College years and in the hope of future accomplishment for betterment of Community, State and Nation.”

William F. Muhlenberg Award
Awarded to two juniors on the basis of character, scholarship, and proficiency in campus activities.

J. Rogers Musselman Award
Established by Peter R. Musselman in memory of his father, J. Rogers Musselman, to be awarded to a student majoring in mathematics who is proficient in the study of mathematics during his or her third year of enrollment.

Nicholas Prize in Religious Studies
Created by the Rev. Dr. J.C. Nicholas (1894), to be awarded to the senior who has done the best work in advanced courses in religious studies.

Dr. John W. Ostrom Composition Awards
Established by Dr. John W. Ostrom ’26, to be awarded to the student who demonstrates the greatest overall improvement in first-year writing and to the student who demonstrates consistent excellence in English 201.

Dr. John W. Ostrom English Award
Created by Dr. John W. Ostrom ’26, to be awarded to the student who has written the best expository essay for an upper level English course.

Vivian Wickey Otto Christian Service Award
Created by Vivian Wickey Otto ’46 through the Woman’s General League of Gettysburg College, to be given to an upper class student who plans to enter full-time Christian service work.

Keith Pappas Memorial Award
Given as a memorial to Keith Pappas ’74, an honors graduate who made an extraordinary contribution to the life of this College and its people. Awarded to a current student who most significantly affects the College community through the quality of his or her participation in its functions and whose divergent contributions give form to what is called Gettysburg College.

Jeffrey Pierce Memorial Award
Established in honor of Jeffrey Pierce ’71, to be awarded to a male senior who has reached the highest level of achievement in the field of history.

The Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award
The Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award is given to an outstanding music major at or near the end of his or her junior year. The Presser Scholar is selected by the Sunderman Conservatory faculty with the choice of the recipient guided solely by consideration of excellence and merit, without regard to gender or race.

Martha Ellen Sachs Prize
Created by John E. Haas in memory of his aunt, a lecturer at the College, to be awarded to a student exhibiting excellence in English composition, with consideration given to improvement made during the year.

Emile O. Schmidt Award
Established by students, friends, audience members, and colleagues of Emile Schmidt, professor of English and theatre at Gettysburg College, 1962–1999. Award is presented each year to a theatre student for scholarly excellence and distinguished service to the Gettysburg College theatre program, as well as professional promise.

Henry Schneider III Endowed Award in German
Established by Katherine Perrine Schneider in honor of her late husband, Henry Schneider III, Chairman of the German Department at Gettysburg College from 1964-1981; the Award is presented on spring Honors Day with first preference to a senior German major who plans to teach German in middle or high school, or plans to study German in graduate school.

Captain Michael D. Scotton (1982) Award
Established by David R. and Sally R. Scotton, parents of Michael D. Scotton, to be awarded to a junior who demonstrates a high degree of extracurricular activity and diligence in his or her academic work.

Senior Scholarship Prize
Established by the Class of 1996 and Mr. Robert Stockberger ’33, to be presented annually to two rising seniors who best exemplify Gettysburg College through academics and service to the campus community. The Senior Scholarship Prize Fund is augmented with future senior class gifts.

Sigma Alpha Iota Collegiate Honor Award
Given to an active, dues-paying SAI graduating senior who has made significant contributions to both her chapter and school. In this selection process, we should like to recognize an SAI member who has demonstrated outstanding musicianship, scholarship, and service to the local chapter.

Sigma Alpha Iota Scholastic Award
Given to the active, dues-paying graduating senior member of the College's SAI chapter with the highest grade point average.

Stine Chemistry Prize
Created by Dr. Charles M. A. Stine ’01, to be awarded to a senior chemistry major on the basis of grades in chemistry, laboratory technique, personality, general improvement in four years, and proficiency in chemistry at the time of selection.