Psychology Studies Programs

The department offers a psychology major and a neuroscience minor. The curriculum includes:

  • 200 level courses
  • Advanced laboratory courses
  • Additional courses

The department also offers a wide selection of research and fieldwork opportunities, including a special Honors Research Program.

Find out more about our programs, explore the courses offered, and meet our faculty.

Camp Psych: A week-long camp experience focused on psychological science.

Prof. Richard Russell reveals a new sign of aging in perception research


Russell collaborated with researchers from CE.R.I.E.S., a department of Chanel Research & Technology dedicated to skin related issues and facial appearance. Read more

Alumni Profile

Dave Hauser '08 explores the intersections of war, metaphor, and cancer research

Dave Hauser '08What if the way that we discussed and understood cancer impacted our ability to prevent the disease in the first place?

We often use metaphors like “war on cancer,” “battling the disease,” and “surviving the fight” to talk about cancer. But what if those war-like metaphors unintentionally influence how we deal with cancer?

For Dave Hauser ’08, those questions have defined his research in conceptual metaphor theory since he began to pursue a Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of Michigan.

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