• Odor Lab

    Students study human behavior through taste and smell research.

  • Celebration 2013

    A bird’s eye view of the Celebration ’13 poster sessions. Psychology majors showcase their capstone and independent research projects.

  • Celebration 2013

    Qian Wei ’13 explains the results of a Behavioral Neuroscience advanced lab project done in collaboration with Victoria Green ’13. The project is entitled, “The effects of isolation and quinpirole on social recognition in Sprague-Dawley rats.”

  • Celebration 2012

    Erin Tyrer ’12 collaborated with Erika Miller ’13 on this project. The project was designed to explore what affect isolation and agreeableness have on aggression. Erin is discussing the study with Dr. Kevin Wilson, Associate Professor of Psychology.

Psychology Studies Programs

The department offers a psychology major and a neuroscience minor. The curriculum includes:

  • 200 level courses
  • Advanced laboratory courses
  • Additional courses

The department also offers a wide selection of research and fieldwork opportunities, including a special Honors Research Program.

Find out more about our programs, explore the courses offered, and meet our faculty.

Camp Psych: A week-long camp experience focused on psychological science.

Faculty Profile: Prof. Richard Russell

Psychology Prof. Richard Russell had no idea what to study in college, let alone what to do with the rest of his life. After two years of indecision, he left Pomona College to work as a merchant seaman. Between visits to far-flung ports of call, he learned how to swab the decks, steer the ship, and tie a monkey's fist. He also read classic science texts and got hooked. When he got off the ship he returned to Pomona and finished with a degree in neuroscience, later completing a Ph.D. at MIT in cognitive science, focusing on visual perception.

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Summer Internship Experience

Emily Hall '15

As a student interested in clinical mental health counseling, Emily Hall ’15, a psychology and sociology double major, knew it would be challenging as an undergraduate to find an internship where she could observe interactions between a therapist and a client.

When she found out about an internship opportunity at The Center at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington in the Post-Traumatic Disorders Program located in Washington, D.C., she jumped at the chance.

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