Note from the Chair

Hello, Psychology Alumni!

As always, we hope this newsletter finds you well. It's actually been a couple of years since our last newsletter (sorry) and we’ve had a few changes in the department since we last spoke. First, we’ve added two new faculty members over the past 2 years. Kathy Berenson is a clinical psychologist who received her PhD from NYU and joined our faculty in the fall of 2011. Chris Barlett received his PhD in social psychology from the Iowa State University and arrived just this fall. Chris and his wife Natalie also had a baby boy this summer right before coming to Gettysburg so it has been quite a first semester for both of them! We are always excited about the addition of new faculty and the energy and enthusiasm they bring to our department.

Some significant renovations to McCreary Hall were also begun this past summer. In addition to replacing the original 1970s vintage HVAC system, we are also having some renovations made to a few lab spaces on the 3rd floor. What many of you may know as the "baby lab" will now house a state-of-the-art Olfaction and Taste Laboratory where Dan McCall and Nathalie Goubet will be able to test olfaction and taste from infancy through adulthood. Across the hall, Kathy Cain will be setting up shop in her newly renovated Social Development Laboratory.

While these renovations are going on, we have temporarily relocated our offices and labs to a few nicely appointed modular units (i.e., trailers) next to the Science Center until the work is completed in mid-December.  So if you're back for Homecoming, be sure to look for us in Building 199!

As you can see below, our recently graduated majors have also been doing quite well. We’ve had majors accepted to graduate school, law school, and 3 accepted just last year to the highly competitive Teach for America program.  So if you haven’t done so for a while, be sure to let us know what you are up to.  Have a great year!

Thank you

During a time of such economic uncertainty and turmoil it simply amazes and humbles us to see how generous our alums are. Over the past year the College has received a very generous number of donations from alumni in the name of the Psychology Department. Over the years we have been able to use some of these funds to purchase a poster printer, a very nice display case for showcasing memorabilia associated with Prof. Sam Mudd, and most recently, portions of the cognitive neuroscience laboratory were recently refurnished to provide a better testing environment for Kevin Wilson's newly acquired brain stimulation system. The funds were used to acquire several new pieces of furniture, including medical-grade recliner chairs so that volunteers can be seated comfortably while participating in these studies. We will also be using these funds to help supplement the Smoke Colloquium Fund which is used to bring outside speakers to campus. If you find yourself in a position to donate to the College and you would like that gift to be directed to the Psychology Department, just specify that it go to the Department of Psychology Special Gift Fund and we will insure that those funds are directed in a way that helps enrich the educational experience of our majors.  Thanks again!

Homecoming Colloquium

We are delighted to welcome back Nuwan Jayawickreme, Ph.D. who will talk on the topic "Do Measures of Distress need to be Culturally Specific? The Example of Sri Lanka."  The lecture will be held in Bowen Auditorium, McCreary Hall 115 on Friday, September 28th at 4:00 pm.

Nuwan is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Manhattan College, NY.  He received his BA in Psychology and English from Gettysburg College in 2004, and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2010 from the University of Pennsylvania.  Nuwan's research interests include post-traumatic stress disorder, cultural variations in the experience and expression of Psychopathology and dissemination of empirically-supported treatments.  Learn More

New this year at Homecoming!

Please join us for our first ever Homecoming get-together following the annual Psychology Homecoming Colloquium. Come to Glatfelter Lodge anytime from 5:15 – 6:30 pm on Friday, September 28th to enjoy light refreshments and a time of great socializing with fellow alums, psych faculty, and current students…a golden opportunity to connect with folks you haven’t seen for a while!  Hope to see you there!

Camp Psych

Twenty-four high school students from 11 states attended Camp Psych held in the beginning of July this past summer. Camp Directors, Brian Meier and Abby Scholer had a great time engaging the campers about psychological science using lectures, data collection, and camper presentations of findings. Student Co-Counselors Jessica Ballister ’12 and Sara Purifoy ’12 enjoyed their various roles including helping students format research projects and lining up fun evening activities, such as a psychological scavenger hunt, going for ice cream, and a mini-golf/pizza party. The students received a taste of Gettysburg with an evening history tour of the community. All in all, the campers reported having a great time learning about psychology, Gettysburg College, and the community.

Student Studies Sleep with Alum

Grace Qian Wei '13 spent her summer working on an internship in Providence, RI with Dr. Mary Carskadon '69 at her Bradley Hospital Chronobiology and Sleep Research Lab.  The first half of the internship included lectures on sleep and training sessions which focused on skills such as the application of the EEG that would be needed for the study run during the second half of the internship.  Grace also had the opportunity to attend the annual sleep conference in Boston, her first exposure to a professional psychology conference.  The sleep research focused on sleep patterns, circadian rhythms and other related processes in adolescents and young adults.  It was a longitudinal study and this past summer was its fifth and final year.  Five sessions, each lasting nine days, were conducted.  The participants were adolescents and young adults and Grace reported having a lot of fun working with them and the other technicians.  She sums up her experience with Dr. Carskadon as being an enriching and empowering time that has readied her and made her eager for another challenge.

Alumni News

Since the publication of our last Psych Alum in 2010, we have received the following updates about our alums.  If you have further updates to pass along please email them to ctuckey@gettysburg.edu.

David Love ‘04 - MA Forensic Psychology and MA certification in terrorism studies; currently a lieutenant in the Army.
Anna Markowitz ’07 - Psychology Ph.D. program at Georgetown.
David Hauser ’07 - Ph.D. in social psychology program at The University of Michigan.
Sarah West ’07 – Intern, University of Alabama Birmingham for last year of doctoral training for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology specializing in neuropsychology.
Katherine Corkhill ’08 - Masters in Counseling at Villanova.
Lauren Foley ’09 - Masters in Counseling at Seton Hall University.
Maggie Carter ’09 - Peace Corps service in Thailand with plans to enter a clinical psychology program in Fall ’12.
Lauren DeBrouse ’09 - Neuroscience Ph.D. at Emory.
Stelanie Mpazicos ’09 - School Psychology Ed.M program at Columbia University Teachers College.
Jaclyn Fosso ’10 - Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Integrated Marketing at New York Public Radio (WNYC/WQXR) in New York City.
Olivia Ireland ’10 - Community Residence Counselor for a women’s outpatient residential treatment program at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA.
Doug Berkowitz ’10 - Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Dayton.
Kristin Dodson ’10 - Corporate Marketing and Communications Department at T. Rowe Price.
Samantha Stocksdale ’10 - Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the University of Vermont.
Rebecca Kauten ‘11 – Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi.
Maxine Kutner ’11 - Dual degree: MS in Criminal Justice/JD Roger Williams Univ. School of Law.
Hilary O’Haire ‘11 - Marketing Associate for The Advisory Board Company, Washington, DC.
Ryan Rosiello ‘11 - MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Hofstra University.
Jennifer Ducz ‘11 - Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Graduate Center CUNY. 
Chelsea Kasten ‘11 - Psychobiology of Addictions Ph.D. program at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).
Eric Kozlik ‘11 - Master of Fine Art in Poetry at the University of Maryland College Park.
Alexandra Henning ‘11  - Masters of Psychology at Villanova University.
Samantha Allen ‘11 - Associate District Manager for ADP (Automatic Data Processing) New York City.
Nevena Todorova ‘11 - Junior Business Analyst, Open Link, Long Island.
Laura McIntyre ‘11 - MS in Counselor Education and Graduate Assistant Field Hockey and Lacrosse Coach at McDaniel College.
Danielle Willis ‘11 - Mental Health Worker on an adolescent unit at Sheppard Pratt, Ellicott City, MD.
Katie Weinel ‘11 - Editorial Manuscript Coordinator for APA.

From the CLASS of 2012:

Elizabeth Royer - Research Technician at Duke University Medical Center.
Rachael Ward - Special Ed. Teacher with Teach For America in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, OK.
James Kane - District Manager with Vector Marketing in Waldorf, MD.
Anna de la Motte - Teacher with Teach For America in Tellulah, LA.
Alayne Holland - Therapeutic Staff Support with Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. of Gettysburg.
Lindsay Preucil - Account Executive with AT&T in Atlanta, GA.
Abigail Kallin - Admissions Assistant at Gettysburg College.
Meredith Kern -Sports Specialist with Indian Trail Club, Franklin Lakes, NJ.
John Servinskas - on staff with Adams/Hanover Counseling Center, Hanover, PA.
Pembroke Emanuelson - Special Ed. Teacher with Teach For America in Atlanta, GA.
Kristen Rivoli - Counselor at Hunterdon Medical Center, Flemington, NJ.
Derik Yager-Elorriaga - Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
Lucien Ryan - Masters in Counseling and Counselor Education at Indiana University.
Sara Myirski - Pursuing law degree at Penn State Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, PA.
Alyssa Kull - Masters in Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, Philadelphia, PA.
Daniel Weitzer - Masters in Biomedical Science at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ.
Jordan Monts - Masters in Social Work at Bryn Mawr College.
Anna Myavec - Instructor with Moondance Adventures in NC and SC.
Carolyn Murphy - Research Associate at CoStar, Washington, DC.



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