Psychology alum David L. Hamilton '63 honored with Distinguished Alumni Award

Each year, on Commencement and Reunion weekends, Gettysburg College and its Alumni Association recognizes exemplary graduates for their personal and professional accomplishments. Brief details are provided for each of the awardees below; you can read their full bios on the Alumni Association awards page.

Gettysburg College’s Distinguished Alumni Award is given to those who have achieved outstanding professional or civic accomplishments as Gettysburg alumni. Notable awardees include Nobel Laureate Michael Bishop ’57 and UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy ’63. The 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award was given to the following individuals.

David L. Hamilton ’63

David Hamilton '63

  • B.A. in psychology, Ph.D. from University of Illinois Research Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Has made significant contributions in the study of social perception by demonstrating how stereotypes result from the biased intake of information.
  • Scholarly awards include the National Institute of Mental Health’s MERIT Award (1987), the Thomas M. Ostram Award from the Person Memory Interest Group (2000), and the European Association of Social Psychology’s Jean-Claude Codol Award (2008).
  • Served on Gettysburg’s Task Force on Excellence in the Sciences and Psychology and the College’s National Committee for the Sciences.