Summer Internship Experience: Aleksandra Petkova '14

by Aleksandra Petkova '14

This summer I am working with Dr. Mary Carskadon '69 at her sleep research lab at Brown University. The program began with an extensive training period of 3-4 weeks that included lectures about sleep and chronobiology, as well as lab sessions during which we learned how to apply electrodes on the human scalp and read sleep EEG recordings. Our intern group consists of 12 students from various schools and backgrounds from around the country. After we completed the training sessions, we were divided in 3 teams because once participants come to the lab they spend about a week with us without going out or being aware of what time of day/night it is. This means that there is a team working in the lab at all times and we have to do our best to both distribute all tests and measures correctly and also take care of the participants' well-being while in the lab. I have learned a lot more about working with human subjects and conducting clinical research and I strongly recommend this program to other students!