Amy Violante ’17 finds her ‘why’ at Gburg, joins Pennsylvania College Advising Corps

Amy Violante ’17 has always loved school. “I couldn’t [pinpoint] why, it was just something I enjoyed,” she said. “But the more I leaned into my studies at Gettysburg, that interest became more meaningful.”

Violante, an eventual psychology major and educational studies minor, took a First-Year Seminar, The World’s Children, taught by Psychology Prof. Kathleen Cain. The class examines how children’s lives differ across the world as a result of birth practices, family structure, and education. “I learned kids in different communities, countries, and parts of the world don’t have access to the same [quality of] education,” Violante said.

Having attended quality schools, this knowledge completely changed the way she reflected on her own experience of education. And through additional experiences at Gettysburg, Violante uncovered a more meaningful reason for pursuing a career in education—helping others secure access to the quality education she received.

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