professors testing with student

My intention for spending the summer with the Gettysburg Psychology Department was to gain research experience in order to be a more competitive candidate for graduate school. The summer was a great opportunity to work more closely with professors, enrich my relationship with the psychology department, and see different ways in which research can be conducted. During my month as a Shand Fellow I was able to delve more deeply into two different fields of psychology: adolescent identity and embodied cognition. I worked with Professor Cain coding interviews from Muslim teenagers, with the hope of understanding this particular religious group’s identity formations. I also did some data entry, with the statistics software called SPSS, again regarding Muslim teenage identity. The other portion of my work was with Professors Fincher-Kiefer (left) and D’Agostino (middle), each of whom was working on projects that required pilot studies. I (right) tested participants for their joint pilot study, and have been organizing data for them to analyze. I am looking forward to finding out the results of each project, and to being involved with the Psychology Department next year.