Faculty & Staff

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  • Bruce Anders Larson
    Department Chairperson, Public Policy Program
    Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Rebecca Bergren
    Director of the Center for Global Education, Center for Global Education
  • Lisa Portmess
    Bittinger Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy
  • Kenneth F. Mott
    Professor, Political Science
  • Eileen Stillwaggon
    Professor, Economics
    Academic Focus: Health Impact of Poverty and Economic Crisis, Economics of HIV/AIDS in Africa and Latin America
  • Charles L. Weise
    Professor, Economics
    Academic Focus: Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy, Political Economy of Monetary Policy
  • Amy Dailey
    Associate Professor, Health Sciences
  • Dave Powell
    Associate Professor, Education
    Academic Focus: Teaching History & Social Studies, Education Policy, Philosophy of Education
  • Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams
    Assistant Professor, Africana Studies
    Academic Focus: Caribbean Studies, school/structural violence, educational inequity, and peace education
  • Howard Ernst
    Adjunct Professor, Public Policy Program
  • Jeffrey M. Blavatt
    Director of the Eisenhower Institute, Eisenhower Institute
  • Lindora Kay Myers
    Academic Admin Assistant, Public Policy Program
  • Gretchen Carlson Natter
    Executive Director/Assistant Dean of College Life, Center for Public Service
  • Randall K. Wilson
    Thompson Chair in Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies
    Academic Focus: Environmental Policy and History, US Federal Lands, Sustainable Communities