EI undergraduate fellows bring experts to campus for fall lecture series

As part of their fall programming, the 2012 Eisenhower Institute (EI) undergraduate fellows have worked together to organize panels on a range of topics, each relating to some aspect of the 2012 presidential election. For each topic, two undergraduate fellows invited a guest speaker to campus and organized a corresponding lunchtime faculty presentation. Now that Election Day has passed and the heat of the campaign season has died down, EI undergraduate fellows reflect on the topics each lecture addressed.

For the first guest lecture of the semester, Katelyn Stauffer ‘13 and Alexandra Papada ’13 invited Anne Kornblut (pictured above) of the Washington Post for a discussion on the role of the female vote in the presidential election. Kornblut’s Sept. 20 lecture emphasized the importance of gaining the women’s vote in past elections and sought to assess how Obama and Romney would gain women’s votes in the 2012 election.

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