Religious Studies

Major Requirements
Majors and minors are encouraged to take Religion 101 early in their careers and to explore as many different religious traditions as possible.

Ten courses are required for the major. Eight must be taken within the department, and two may be taken outside from a list of approved courses. At least two courses must be at the 200-level; at least two courses must be at the 300-level or above.

Eligible upper-level students may submit proposals for senior independent study courses (Religion 460), which are subject to approval by the department and by the professor sponsoring the course. Students intending to submit proposals should do so in the semester preceding the semester when the course work will be done.

Minor Requirements
Six courses are required for the minor. At least one must be at the 200 level, and at least one must be at the 300 level or above. One of the six may be taken outside the department, but may not be in the student's major.

Approved courses outside the department
Any of the following courses outside the department may be counted toward a major or minor. Other courses may be possible with permission of the department chair.


Anthropology 218
Anthropology 227
ARTH 202

English 310
English 312

Greek 304

History 208
History 311
History 313

Philosophy 206
Philosophy 223
Philosophy 237
Philosophy 240
Philosophy 329
Philosophy 332

Pol. Sci. 323

Sociology 205

Islam & Women
Anthropology of Religion
Medieval Art

Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
Medieval Drama

Greek Tragedy

Islam History 600-1500
Medieval Europe
Renaissance and Reformation

Medieval & Renaissance Philosophy
Philosophy & Gandhi
Philosophy of Religion
World Philosophy
Shapes of Evil
Philosophy and Mysticism

Religion & Politics in the U.S.

Sociology of Religion