From Africa to America: Allan Kawala ’13 makes strides for peace and progress on both sides of the Atlantic

Allan KawalaOne might think the transition from Malawi to the United States would be difficult, but when Allan Kawala ’13 began his first year at Gettysburg College in 2009, he was prepared for the change.

“I’ve always told myself it doesn’t matter where I find myself. What matters at the end of the day is the attitude, the approach,” said Kawala, whose trip to Gettysburg was his first to the United States.

Originally from Lilongwe, Malawi, Kawala was the only one in his family to attend college in America.

“I go into a new place with the mindset that I’m not going to see myself as a stranger, but I’m going to see myself as part of that community,” Kawala said.

His approach in adapting to the Gettysburg community proved to be successful. In his four years on campus, Kawala became president of a student club, presented research in Texas, led a group of students to Kansas, organized a peace project in Malawi, and formed professional relationships and quality friendships bound to continue long after his graduation in May.

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