Current Students’ Achievements and Activities

We are frisbee players. We can dance classical ballet and a mean lindy hop. We are sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, interns, tutors and athletes. We travel the world, study abroad, and volunteer. We are activists. We know how to have a good time and we can tell you about symbolic interactionism. We stay out all night dancing and pull all-nighters studying for criminology. We spend time with our friends and shamelessly subject them to our participant observation research, ethnographic interviews, and sometimes even ethnomethodology. But they put up with us in spite of our attempts to use them as test subjects and our endless insights into the mass media or gender relations, because hey, at least when we study them, they don't have to worry about adverse side effects to an experimental prescription drug or finding evidence of the oedipus complex in their dreams. We are imaginative and curious. We love Goffman but find time for intramural sports; we are up to our ears in social theory but find time to teach English to underprivileged kids. We are ambitious, we look forward to the future, when we fight the iron cage and have postsocial relationships with robots. We are sociologists, we are Alpha Kappa Delta.

by Jennifer A. Giambrone (class of 2010)