Note: You can find copies of these honors theses by looking on the shelves in the central department area. 

Emily Harsen (May 2009) "The Work Identity of Police Officers"

Nyya Jones (May 2009) "The Effects of Language Acquisition and Retention on Mexican-American Parent-Child Relationships"

Courtney Small (May 2009) "Nutritionism in the Supermarket"

Margaret White (May 2009) "Interracial Dialogue and Whiteness at Gettysburg College"

Molly Johnson (May 2009) "Constructing Old Age Identity in a Nursing Home"

Katie Smith (December 2008) "The Personal Connection: An Examination of Marketing Gettysburg College to Prospective Students"

Jillian Shambaugh (May 2008) "The Americanization of Denmark: Conceptualizing the Globalization of Culture"  

Jessica Fernandez (May 2008) "The Internalization and Performance of Irish American Identity"

Missy Koch (December 2007) "Female Athletes and Cultural Capital"

Rebecca Lander (May 2007) "Gender Issues in Eating at Gettysburg College"

Chases Straub (May 2007) "A Sociological Perspective on Racial Identification in Sports: Exploring the Decline of the African American Baseball Player"

Hilary Scherer (May 2007) "Social Class and Patients' Acceptance of Physician Authority"