Professional organizations

American Sociological Association
Homepage of the major professional organization of sociologists in the U.S., including over forty sections in specialized topics, with links to other specialized websites in sociology. 

Educational resources

Learning Strategies in Sociology
A site with tips on how to read sociology texts more efficiently, take effective notes, organize information, and study for sociology exams.

Population databases

U.S. Census Bureau
The mother of all sources of information on U.S. populations.  The site allows you to do hundreds of statistical analyses with ease and clarity.  A must for all sociology students to visit.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
The USCIS enforces the laws regulating the admission of foreign-born persons into the U.S.  This site has downloadable reports and statistics on immigrants and those seeking citizenship.

Research ethics

American Sociological Association Code of Ethics

Sociology websites with useful lists of links to other websites

WWW Virtual Library for Sociology  
A professionally designed website on sociology resources that is constantly being updated and expanded.  You can even subscribe to a monthly sociology newsletter of new sites that will be e-mailed directly to you.

An extensive, well-organized guide to sociology sites on the Internet.
The Sociology Ring
An interconnected ring of websites devoted to sociology.  You never know what you'll find through it, but it's a great way to surf and avoid the congestion of search engines.
Academic Info: Sociology

An annotated directory of Internet resources for sociology.