Writing guides for sociology

Sociological Resources in Musselman Library
This guide is for sociology students. It offers an overview of how to find bibliographic materials in Musselman Library relevant to sociology , with a list of relevant journals and hot links to MUSCAT and periodicals indexes. View pdf

Department Style Sheet
This guide is for sociology students. It provides information on how to organize and present term papers. The department expects all students to adhere to these standards. View pdf

Sociology Citation Conventions
This guide is for sociology students. It explains how sociologists cite sources in their texts and format bibliographies. View pdf

The Gettysburg Honor Code
All sociology students must adhere to the Gettysburg Honor Code.

Avoiding Plagiarism
A) A website from the University of Victoria called "Acknowledging Your Sources" discusses plagiarism and how to avoid it through proper citations.

B) Another useful website on plagiarism, "Plagiarism in Colleges in U.S.A.," explains what plagiarism is and why it constitutes fraud that violates copyright laws.

C) Plagiarism.org is another good site for information on plagiarism.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources
Before using information from the Internet for your term paper, did you ever pause to wonder if it's reliable?  Check out this set of criteria for evaluating Internet resources, with hotlinks to examples of pages that pass or fail each criterion.