The STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM offers beginning, intermediate and advanced Spanish students an ideal opportunity to progress more quickly in Spanish while immersing themselves in Hispanic cultures. 

Advanced Program for Majors and Minors

The Department of Spanish has several affiliations with the following programs:

Argentina located in the cities of Buenos Aires and Mendoza (IFSA-Butler).

Chile (IFSA-Butler)

Costa Rica (IFSA-Butler)

Cuba (IFSA-Butler)

Peru (IFSA-Butler

Mexico in Mérida, Yucatán (IFSA-Butler). 

Spain in Salamanca and Madrid (IES).

Students enrolled in these programs can take courses in the IFSA-Butler and IES institutions, as well as enroll in top tier universities.

Beginning and Intermediate Programs

Our Language and Culture Programs in Seville, Spain and Cuernavaca, Mexico are designed specifically for beginning and intermediate students looking to improve their Spanish, and to complete the foreign language requirement and other Gettysburg Curriculum goals. 

To study abroad students must have a “C” average overall, and in previous Spanish classes. Students earn a maximum of 4 credits, including between 1 and 4 language classes (equivalent to Spanish 101 through 202).  Choices for the remaining classes are literature and civilization, and frequently business, non-lab science, art and other classes offered in both Spanish and English, which may satisfy requirements in the Gettysburg College curriculum.  Students live with families.  

As a part of their study abroad experience, students participate in several orientation meetings at the College before leaving. Upon students' return, Gettysburg College provides a series of reintegration meetings. These pre- and post-travel sessions enhance students' experiences.

Va cambiando: Julie Day '16 shares her experience


Julie Day '16 shares how she's grown in Salamanca, Spain. Read her reflection from the end of her spring semester study abroad program in May 2015.