Getting to know you: The Majestic Theater

A glimpse into the grandest small town theater in America

In Gettysburg, a small town so interwoven with the American story, there are plenty of sites to see—from Little Round Top to Devil’s Den and the Eternal Light Peace Memorial to Pennsylvania Hall.

But at the heart of any cherished community, particularly one so beloved by students, locals, and tourists alike, you’ll also find a strong cultural center—in this case, Gettysburg College’s Majestic Theater.

“Gettysburg is home to the grandest small town theater in America,” said Jeffrey Gabel, founding executive director of the Majestic. He emphasized the theater’s diverse series of professional touring artists, daily films, its contributions to the local economy, and the Majestic’s rich history.

Nearly 90 years ago, the Majestic opened its doors, welcoming audiences to the largest vaudeville and silent movie theater in south-central Pennsylvania.

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