Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select the season/ choose the plays that are performed during the school year?

We try to provide a variety of opportunities for any given student over the course of his/her four years here.  We usually do a Shakespeare every three years, and a musical every 2-3 years.  In addition, we try to put together our season to include a wide mix of classical, contemporary, and experimental works.

We also try to keep in mind our audience and the pool of students auditioning, so we try to make sure that there are excellent parts for both men and women.  Our seasons encompass works from North American as well as international authors, with well-known classics alongside new plays.

What experience to you need to audition for a play at Gettysburg College?

No experience is necessary.

What is an audition at Gettysburg College like?  Do I need to prepare anything?

Auditions are generally held over three days, about 5-6 weeks before the play is performed.  You are free to come at any time during the audition with one exception: we always hold the first day of the first auditions of the year open for first-year students only.  We feel that having a "first-year only" audition day helps make new students feel more at ease.  Some directors have call-backs after the third day of auditions.  If you are called back, it does not mean you are in the show or not in the show.  It is simply for the director to get to know you better and/or to see you interact with some other students.

Each director holds his/her auditions somewhat differently.  However, as a general rule, auditioners are asked to read from the script.  Generally, the excerpted pages from the script (known as "sides") that will be used during the actual audition are made available to students prior to the audition.  If the play is a musical, students are often asked to prepare a song.  Some directors also ask students to improvise, or, on rare occasions, to bring in a memorized monologue.  For specific information about particular auditions, please contact the director.

Can I get a video/DVD of Gettysburg College Owl and Nightingale productions?

Yes.  All you have to do is give our Academic Administrative Assistant, Carol Coon, a blank writeable DVD, along with instructions about which production(s) you would like copied.