What are the opportunities for performing and working backstage for non-majors/first year students?

Opportunities for performing and working backstage are open to all students:  non-majors are well as majors, and first-year students as well as other students.   Students who take the Introduction to Theatre class are required to work a certain number of backstage hours in order to better learn the craft of theatre. 

All students have the opportunity to perform, paint sets, work on props, hang lights, serve on running crews, usher, work at the box office, or work in the theatre in other ways.  In any given year, there are usually 50 to 60 (or more) parts available for student actors, including main stage productions, student directing projects, playwriting projects, senior projects, the student Independent Festival and other Owl and Nightingale events, and more.  In addition, there are at least that many opportunities to work backstage.  If you want to play with us, we want to play with you!

How do I join the Owl and Nightingale Players (on-campus theatre club)?

There are several ways to join O&N, which is the second oldest club on the Gettysburg College campus, after the newspaper. In fact, O&N will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013.  Other clubs include SMuT (Student Musical Theatre) and STDs (Shotz in the Dark improv).

One way to join is simply by participating in any Theatre Arts Department production, either backstage or onstage.  Another is to contact the club through CNAV or talk to students or professors who are already in the club, who will add you to the mailing list.  The club sponsors a wide variety of events including special performances, trips, lock-ins, and others.

Is it possible to major/minor in Theatre Arts and study abroad? 

Yes. About half of our majors study abroad, and we highly encourage students to take advantage of this unique opportunity.  Our OCS (Off-Campus Studies) Office is a wonderful resource.  If you're interested in studying abroad, make an appointment with the director, Rebecca Bergren, or any of the workers in the OCS Office.  Susan Russell, the Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts, is also the Off-Campus study point person in the Department of Theatre Arts and would be happy to talk with you about study abroad possibilities.  Contact the Office of Off-Campus Studies.

What are the financial aspects of studying abroad?

We have several Gettysburg-affiliated programs, including the ones in Bath and Lancaster. These programs cost the same as going to Gettysburg College, and all financial aid that applies here will also cover costs there. 

 Can you use an internship as a course credit?  If so, how?

Yes.  You'll need to visit the Center for Career Services prior to doing the internship.  They will help you organize what you need to do for credit, including finding an advisor, and laying out the parameters of the work you do.