Faculty & Staff

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  • Lidia HwaSoon Anchisi
    Chairperson, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Temma F. Berg
    Professor, English
  • Nathalie Lebon
    Associate Professor,Program Director, Women, Gender, and Sexuality,Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Latin American women's issues and movements
  • VoonChin Phua
    Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Jean L. Potuchek
    Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Sociology of gender, family, medical sociology
  • Catherine Batza
    Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Kate Haffey
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Isabel Valiela
    Adjunct Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Stephanie A. Sellers
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Kris Weller
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Joyce W. Sprague
    Academic Administrative Assistant, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Christopher Schmitt
    Network Applications Programmer, Data Systems
  • Beatriz Trigo
    Program Director, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Contemporary Peninsular Narrative, Fantastic Literature, Film, Gender, Cultural Studies, Galician Studies.

The Academic Steering Committee focuses on curricular issues for the program. It is comprised of faculty who teach WGS designated courses, the Coordinator, and the Academic Administrative Assistant.

Emerita Faculty

  • Charlotte Armster
    Professor Emerita, Department of German, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Janet Powers
    Professor Emerita, Interdisciplinary Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Advisory Council 

  • Lidia Anchisi
    Associate Professor, Italian
  • Devora Ashkenazy
    Student, Class of 2014
  • Marc Beard
    Visiting Assistant Professor, WGS
  • Temma Berg
    Greff Professor of English Literature
  • Veronica Calvillo
    Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Erin Duran
    Residence Life Coordinator
  • Jessica Howard
    Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Thomas Jurney
    Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Kathryn Kawecki
    Adjunct Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
  • Nathalie Lebon
    Associate Professor/Chair WGS
  • Monique Mathews
    Associate Director of Student Activities and FY Programs
  • Cristina Martinez
    Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Heather Odle-Dussea
    Assistant Professor, Management
  • Jean Potuchek
    Associate Professor of Sociology/WGS
  • Janet Powers
    Adjunct Instructor of IDS and WGS
  • Radost Rangelova
    Assistant Professor, Spanish
  • Jacqueline Robinson
    Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
  • Stephanie Sellers
    Director of the Women's Center
  • Stefanie Sobelle
    Assistant Professor of English
  • Joyce Sprague
    Academic Administrative Assistant, WGS
  • Beatriz Trigo
    Associate Professor, Spanish
  • Isabel Valiela
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin American Studies, and WGS
  • Elizabeth Richardson Viti
    Assistant Professor of French, Director of the Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning
  • Kerry Wallach
    Assistant Professor of German Studies