Women’s Leadership Program empowers next generation of Gettysburgians

Partnership between Women’s Center and Garthwait Leadership Center sparks new campus program.

Today’s world needs leaders.

Leaders who are rooted in the foundational values of ethics and civic responsibility; leaders who are collaborative and group oriented; and leaders who can see the big picture and develop a strategy to accomplish a shared vision.

The world needs leaders of character, courage, and commitment—regardless of their sex.

This conviction inspired Andy Hughes, director of the Garthwait Leadership Center, and Prof. Stephanie Sellers, director of the Women’s Center, to jumpstart the Gettysburg College Women’s Leadership Program (WLP). The program directly addresses many of the barriers women face in the workforce and provides Gettysburg students with the skills and knowledge needed to overcome them.

“Current statistics show that less than five percent of all American Fortune 500 CEOs are women; women make 76 cents to the dollar that a man in the same job earns; and the United States’ elected leadership continues at an 80 to 86 percent male to 20 to 14 percent female representation. In the year 2013, these numbers are simply unacceptable,” Sellers said.

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