Application Procedures

International First-Year Applicants

A completed file will have the following items:

Completed Application Form
Gettysburg College uses the Common Application, and students are strongly encouraged to submit their application online.

The deadlines for submission of the application and supporting documents are:
Early Decision I: November 15
Early Decision II: January 15
Regular Decision: January 15

Official Secondary School Records
Please have your counselor, headmaster, or principal send us certified translations of the official records of your grades and examination results. A brief explanation of the marking system at your school and a general overview of your country's education system would be helpful.

Official SAT I or ACT Scores
Please contact the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, 08541, U.S.A., to forward your results directly to our office. The institutional codes for Gettysburg College are 2275 (SAT) and 3580 (ACT). Read Gettysburg's test optional policy. If your country does not offer the SAT or ACT, please visit the FAQ page.

Official TOEFL or IELTS Scores
Please contact the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, 08541, U.S.A., to forward your results directly to our office. The institutional code for Gettysburg College is 2275. We will accept either the TOEFL exam or IELTS exam. If English is your first language, or if the primary medium of instruction throughout your secondary school education is English, then English testing is not required. If you meet one of the two criteria for test exemption, please be sure to indicate your reason for not submitting scores in your application.

Teacher Recommendation
At least one letter of recommendation from a teacher is required. Certified translations of recommendations from teachers are acceptable provided that the original letter is submitted as well.

Counselor Recommendation
A letter of recommendation from your college counselor, headmaster, or appropriate school administrator is required.

Early Decision Form
Students who intend to apply for Early Decision are required to submit the Early Decision Form (PDF) by the appropriate deadline.

Application Fee (waived)
In order to simplify what can often be a cumbersome financial transaction, Gettysburg will automatically waive the application fee for all international applicants. Application fee waivers are not required.

Certification of Finances Form
All international applicants, regardless of their interest in being considered for financial assistance, must submit the Certification of Finances Form (PDF) by November 15 for Early Decision I, by January 15 for Early Decision II, or by January 15 for Regular Decision.

International Student Financial Aid Application
International applicants who wish to be considered for financial assistance are required to submit the International Student Financial Aid Application (PDF) by the application deadline for which they apply.

Passport Information
United States law now requires international students to have a passport in order to issue a Form I-20 for your student visa application. Applicants to Gettysburg College are welcome but not required to submit passport information. Please know, however, that we will request passport information from all enrolled students in order to issue the Form I-20.