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Past Linnaean Award Winners


The 2013 Linnaean Award Winners

2012 Linnaean Award Winners

Pictured L to R: Charles Scott '77, President of the Alumni Board of Directors, Matthew Maynard, Christianna Jo Evans (Jo), Megan Bailey, Raksmeymony (Rex) Yin, Anna Baldesarre, David S. Gilmore and Shane Thorpe.

Six Seniors are chosen annually by their peers as Linnaean Award recipients.  They are honored for for their efforts to improve the campus community, excellent in academic endeavors, and overall achievements during their college careers.  The Linnaean Award is sponsored by the Alumni Association, Student Alumni, and the Student Senate.  The awards were presented to the winners during Fall Honors Day held on Family Weekend.

Biographies of 2013 Linnaean Award Winners 

*We had a tie in 2013, so seven recipients were named.

Megan Bailey
, Environmental Studies and Spanish major is a Residence Coordinator (Huber Hall). She serves as the Parliamentarian of Tri Sigma.  She is a Leadership Mentor of the Garthwait Leadership Center and is a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee. Megan is also a member of Sigma Delta Pi (National Hispanic Honor Society) and a First Year Seminar Peer Learning Associate in the Environmental Studies Department.  She is a tutor for LIU Migrant Education and served as the Program Facilitator for the Center for Public Service “Food, Land, People” program. In the fall of 2012 Megan received the J. Andrew Marsh Memorial Award (positive attitude, exceptional spirit, high standards, and notable achievement, both curricular and extracurricular).

Anna Baldasarre, English & Sociology major, is a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee and she is the Treasurer of Omicron Delta Kappa.  Anna works in the Office of Student Activities & First Year Programs and served as the Orientation Coordinator for 2013.  She is a member of the Campus Activities Board and has had several roles including Attic VP, Special Events Chair and Traditions Chair. In 2012 Anna studied abroad at Rhodes University, South Africa and was a Grahamstown (South Africa) Public Library Volunteer.  She is a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honor Society and she received the Rev. George N. Lauffer and M. Naomi Lauffer Award in 2012 and the Gettysburg College Senior Prize in 2013.  

Christianna Jo Evans (Jo), an Organizational Management Studies major is a Leadership Mentor of the Garthwait Leadership Center and is a member of the Pi Lambda Sigma Management Honor Society. Jo serves as the President of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and she is the President of the Alpha Delta Pi—Ronald McDonald House Charities.  She is a member of the Gettysburg College Choir, BOMB Squad Hip Hop Crew and the Senior Class Gift Committee. She was honored as the Outstanding Sorority Junior Order of Omega and she was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Dean’s List and Dean’s Commendation List.
David S. Gilmore, Health Sciences major, serves as the Risk Management Chair of Lambda Chi Alpha. He is the Scholarship Chair & Philanthropy Chair of the Interfraternity Council and served as the Junior Class Representative of the Greek Chapter Evaluation Subcommittee.  David is a Leadership Mentor with the Garthwait Leadership Center, and is the former Treasurer of the Pre-Health Professions Club.  He is a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society and is a Research Assistant in the Health Sciences, Independent Research program.  David previously worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Health Sciences Department, completed an Externship with the Center for Career Development and was a member of the Center for Public Service, D.C. Outfitters.  He received the John Alfred Hamme Award, the Most Outstanding Fraternity Sophomore Award, and he has been on the Dean’s Honor List and Dean’s Commendation List.

Matthew Maynard, Mathematics major, is a CalcAid Tutor in the Math Department and is a member of Pi Mu Epsilon (Math Honor Society). He previously worked as a Research Assistant in the Economics Department.  Matthew is a Leadership Mentor with the Garthwait Leadership Center, the Vice President of Lambda Chi Alpha, a Tour Guide for the Admissions Office and a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee.  He also participates in Intramural Sports (flag football, softball, volleyball).  In 2012 he was an Orientation Leader in Student Activities/First Year Programs.  Matthew served as the Coordinator for Lambda Chi Alpha’s N. American Food Drive and For Jake’s Sake 5K and he was a Student Leader for GIV Day for the Center for Public Service.  Awards and honors he received: Abraham Lincoln Scholar, Pi Mu Epsilon (Math Honor Society) and Order of Omega (Greek Honor Society).
Shane Thorp, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology major, is the Scholarship Chair of Phi Delta Theta and is a member of the Pre-Health Professions Club and is the Co-Chair of the Senior Class Gift Campaign.  He was a Peer Learning Associate in Biology and previously served on the Junior Class Gift Committee. Shane participated in the Phi Delta Theta Haunted Mansion and the Center for Public Service Heston Summer Experience.   He has been on the Dean’s Honor List and is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega.       

Raksmeymony (Rex) Yin, an Intercultural Studies through Education major, is currently the Vice President of the Rotaract Club and Asian Student Alliance, the Membership Chair of Kappa Delta Pi – Education Honor Society and the Programming Committee Chair for Diversity Peer Educators. Rex is a Late Night Program Coordinator for Campus Recreation, Leadership / Service Action Team member of DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship, Intercultural Resource Center Student Worker & PALS Coordinator and a member of the Garthwait Leadership Center Leadership Institute. In 2012 he was a Research Assistant in the Education Department for Professor Kaoru Miyazawa.  Rex is an ESL Tutor and ESL & Literacy Program Intern with the Adams County Literacy Council and he is involved with South Central Community Action Program Homeless Shelter.  In addition, he is an Elementary Bible Study Teacher at The Foursquare Church.  He served as the Student Relations Coordinator at The Bridge Community Development Corporation.  Awards and honors received include: First-Year Recognition List, Dean’s Commendations List, Dean’s Honors List at Gettysburg College, Certificate of Achievement from the Intercultural Resource Center, Dwight D. Eisenhower Scholarship Fund Recipient, Platinum Recipient of the Intercultural Leadership Award at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, and People’s Choice Award winner of the Fourth Annual Photo the Day Contest at Gettysburg College.                                                                                                                                                                             


History of the Linnaean Award

One of the earliest organizations on campus was the Linnaean Association, named after the Swedish botanist Linnaeus (1707-1778).  This organization was founded on June 8, 1844 by some thirty students.  The purpose of the organization was the advancement of science.

In 1847 Linnaean Hall was completed through the efforts and perseverance of students to house the College's science collection.  Although the association and building no longer exist, stones from the original building were used to create the sesquicentennial sculpture that stands in the middle of the campus. 

Each year students, professors, and administrators are given the opportunity to nominate senior students whom they believe have inspired other students throughout their academic work and community service similar to the students who helped create Linnaean Hall.  Students then vote for their peers. This provides students with an opportunity to recognize fellow classmates. The award was first given in 1984 and is sponsored by the Alumni Association, Student Alumni and Student Senate.

Linnaean Award Winners

Kevin Daft '85 1984
Lynda Kristan '85 1984
Amy Manson '85 1984
Mary Masselink '85 1984
Keith Talber '85 1984
Richard Van Antwerp '85 1984
Laura Brown '86 1985
Bruce Chamberlin '86 1985
Daniel Cicalia '86 1985
RoseMarie Leonidis '86 1985
Lisa Palm '86 1985
David Trott '87 1985
Katherine Beauchamp '87 1986
Stephen Brenneman '87 1986
Jennifer Cavanaugh '87 1986
Sarah Hitch '87  1986
Timothy Gelsinger '87 1986
Steven Sitek '87 1986
Brian Black '88 1987
Jeffrey Blavatt '88 1987
Tracy Christmas '88 1987
Christine Jefferson '88 1987
Peter Tartline '88 1987
Rebecca Thomas '88 1987
Cynthia Bootay '89 1988
Jennifer Buckley '89 1988
Thomas Donegan '89 1988
Craig Frost '89 1988
Stephen Herr '89 1988
Patricia Hunter '89 1988
Jason Blavatt '90 1989
Troy Datcher '90 1989
Cynthia Hill '90 1989
Victoria Latimer '90 1989
John Loyack '90 1989
Lauren Wise '90 1989
Carey Brown '91 1990
William Caruson '91 1990
Brian Hargrove '91 1990
Amy Hinton '91 1990
Yodit Kassaye '91 1990
Tim Schaeffer '91 1990
Kelvin Datcher '92 1991
Roy Hillard '92 1991
Amy Krukonis '92 1991
Maria Melone '92 1991
Scott Weber '92 1991
Ann Marie West '92 1991
William Ash '93 1992
Shannin Bailey '93 1992
Richard Norris '93 1992
Melissa Ratherdale '93 1992
Christina Schrode '93 1992
Rajat Shah '93 1992
John Comegna '94 1993
Gina L'Heureux '94 1993
Denise Loughlin '94 1993
Nicole Scrofani '94 1993
Christopher Shelton '94 1993
Matthew Stokes '94 1993
Dianna Berry '95 1994
Greg Dodd '95 1994
Katherine Glatfelter '95 1994
Matthew Littlefield '95 1994
Sharon Ryan '95 1994
Steven Sherry '95 1994
Adolphus Clinton '96 1995
Ed Esposito '96 1995
Laila Haider '96 1995
Kristina Hickerson '96 1995
Lauren Mossotti '96 1995
Daniel Spinner '96 1995
Christopher Calabretta '97 1996
Michael Manzo '97 1996
Amy Mollenkamp '97 1996
Christopher Pierson '97 1996
Sandra Schatanoff '97 1996
Marlene Warner '97 1996
Erin Attfield '98 1997
Jill Bailey '98 1997
Ben Barnhart '98 1997
Joe Hodakowski '98 1997
Abigail Rodgers '98 1997
Brian Rusignulo '98 1997
Cara Crossetto '99 1998
Charles Dittrich '99 1998
Mark Lilly '99 1998
Andrew Mude '99 1998
Rebecca O'Connell '99 1998
Erin Quay '99 1998
Lindsay Albert '00 1999
Michael Graham '00 1999
Earl Redding '00 1999
Emily Robertson '00 1999
Christine Sedlacko '00 1999
Dan Sirpenski '00 1999
Jeannie Albrecht '01 2000
Patrick Jordan '01 2000
Gwen Ceton '01 2000
Daniel McCabe '01 2000
Brian Orsinger '01 2000
Elizabeth Walsh '01 2000
Matthew Achhammer '02 2001
Troy Cassel '02 2001
Annalisa DeBacco '02 2001
Lauren King '02 2001
Alan Manning '02 2001
Celia Overby '02 2001
Katherine Daggett '03 2002
Gina Davis '03 2002
Justin Hoover '03 2002
Douglas Ritter '03 2002
Douglas Walo '03 2002
Elizabeth Yates '03 2002
Josie Bonventre '04 2003
Lindsay Brackett '04 2003
Don Lustenberger '04 2003
Lindsay Morlock '04 2003
Doug Stuart '04 2003
Keith Swaney '04 2003
Christopher Husko '05 2004
Deanna Kloss '05 2004
Devina Mitra '05 2004
Emily Peterson '05 2004
Marc Sorresso '05 2004
Holly Woodhead '05 2004
Tiffany Carnuccio '06 2005
Kirryn Mahabir '06 2005
Dawn Mennen '06 2005
Eric Payne '06 2005
Lauren Rapoza '06 2005
Peter Kareha '06 2005
Jennifer Baron '07 2006
Maribeth Black '07 2006
Jithin George '07 2006
Stephen Ginter '07 2006
Jeremy Meehan '07 2006
Jenna Stokes '07 2006
Alexandra Bigler '08 2007
Joseph Gurreri '08 2007
Amy Hoffman '08 2007
Ryan Jannos '08 2007
James Russell '08 2007
Alexandra Sfekas '08 2007
James Buckley '09 2008
Kaitlyn De Young '09 2008
Aimee George '09 2008
Jay Hagerman '09 2008
Amanda Houlis '09 2008
Hugh McStravick '09 2008
Jacob Asplundh '10 2009
Marc Fialkoff '10 2009
Leonora Gatto '10 2009
Denitsa Koleva '10 2009
Kathryn Sanford '10 2009
Michael Sass '10 2009
Dawn Grashorn '11 2010
Valerie Martin '11 2010
Charles Meehan '11 2010
Brianna Piecyk '11 2010
Monica Schmidt '11 2010
Kevin Schmitt '11 2010
Laura Baldasarre '12 2011
Kirsty Bryant-Hassler '12 2011
Andrea Carson '12 2011
Alex Ferraro '12 2011
Adrienne Rahs 2011
Anne Marie Valentine '12 2011
Kavya Kumar '13 2012
Andrew Mello '13 2012
Joseph Miller '13 2012
Alexis Moyer '13 2012
Katelyn Stauffer '13 2012
Shane Swink '13 2012
Megan Bailey '14 2013
Anna Baldasarre '14 2013
Christianna Jo Evans (Jo) '14 2013
David S. Gilmore '14 2013
Matthew Maynard '14 2013
Shane Thorp '14 2013
Raksmeymony (Rex) Yin '14 2013