Class of 1960

    55th Reunion
    May 28 - May 31, 2015

Class of 1960

Remember When...

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1960 at a Glance

President of the United States:
Dwight D. Eisenhower

United States Population:

Price of a Gallon of Gas:

Best Picture Academy Award:
The Apartment

Number One Song:
"Theme from a Summer Place" - Percy Faith

Baseball - World Series:
Pittsburgh Pirates

NCAA Basketball Championship:
Ohio State

NFL Champion:
Philadelphia Eagles

Interesting Fact:
The first working laser was built by T. H. Maiman.

Who is Returning

The following members of the Class of 1960 are planning to return for Reunion Weekend. If you would like to add your name to this list please email Please remember to officially register in the spring.

Sorted by maiden name

Mrs. Ruth Alcorn Schmid
Mr. Richard M. Bentz
The Hon. R. Harry Bittle
Lt. Col. R. Charles Black
Mr. Paul E. Bowersox, Jr.
Mr. Robert H. Boyer
Mrs. Diana Brehl Naper
Mr. James H. Brenneman
Miss Susan F. Britcher
Dr. Donna J. Brogan
Mrs. Mary Jane Callis Brenneman
Mrs. Patricia Carr Layton
Mr. Garnet N. Coble, Jr.
Mrs. Janetlouise Cooper Stein
Dr. Lee A. Dallas
Ms. Marian E. Davis
Mr. William R. Fleischman
Dr. David R. Franz
Mr. Michael E. Galdino
Mr. James E. Garman
Mr. George T. Gunnell
Mrs. M. Anne Heckler Kline
Mr. Norman H. Henry
Dr. David R. Hertzler
Mr. James C. Hess
Mrs. Trudi Huber Hathaway
Mrs. Joan Katz Hyland
Mr. John H. Keen
Mr. Alan R. Keim
Mrs. Joyce Kendlehart Koontz
Mr. James H. Klinefelter, Jr.
The Rev. Gerald A. Krum
Dr. C. Rodney Layton, Jr.
Mr. Donald S. McCord, Jr.
Dr. John F. Miller, III
Mr. James M. Moyer
Lt. Col. Robert C. Muff
Dr. Edward L. Palmer
Dr. Robert T. Parry
Ms. Suzanne Pelton Walker
Mr. John K. Reighter
Mrs. Sue Ruby Anderson
Mr. Robert S. Santillo
Mr. John C. Scheffey
Mr. R. Daniel Selak
Mrs. Sally Skomsky Longenberger
Ms. Teddi Tichy Wright
Dr. Robert H. Willoughby
Mr. Keith B. Wolff

Your College Liaisons

Joe Lynch '85
Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Campus Box 417
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 337-6522

Ed Cable
Associate Director of Planned Giving
Campus Box 423
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 337-6481