Class of 1985

30th Reunion
May 28 - 31, 2015

30th Reunion - May 28 - 31, 2015Reunion Committee

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1985 at a Glance

President of the United States:
Ronald Reagan

United States Population:

Price of a Gallon of Gas:

Best Picture Academy Award:
Out of Africa

Number One Song:
"Careless Whisper" - Wham! feat. George Michael

Baseball - World Series:
Kansas City Royals

NCAA Basketball Championship:

Super Bowl:
San Francisco 49ers

Interesting Fact:
The charity single "We Are the World" is recorded by USA for Africa.

Reunion Committee

Sorted by maiden name

Who is Returning

The following members of the Class of 1985 are planning to return for Reunion Weekend. If you would like to add your name to this list please email Please remember to officially register in the spring.

Sorted by maiden name

Mr. Christopher M. Aherne
Mrs. Katherine Baker White
Mrs. Janet Blodgett Johnson
Mr. Frank Borelli
Mr. Timothy D. Bright
Mr. Matthew D. Brunner
Mr. William J. Burns
Mr. Mark R. Burton
Mr. David P. Buynak
Mrs. Patricia Carpenter Chamberlain
Mrs. Theanne Chivily Feldman
Mr. William F. Collins, III
Dr. Margaret Commins Bryson
Mr. Raymond J. Condren, Jr.
Mr. Michael J. Cook
Mr. David G. Dimijian
Dr. John J. Donohue
Ms. Michelle L. Dorsey
Ms. Kathleen C. Driscoll
Mrs. Janet Eichler McNicholas
Mr. John C. Fell
Mr. William J. Gardner, Jr.
Mr. James P. Gassmann
Mr. John P. Gibbons
Mr. Gerard Gjertsen
Mrs. Tammy Griffith Harris
Ms. Nancy P. Hall
Mrs. Amy Harbaugh Neufeld
Mr. Donald H. Hecht
Mrs. Julie Hoff Condren
Mr. Bruce D. Jackson
Mr. Jeff M. Kauhl
Mr. James C. Kirkwood
Mrs. Gretchen Kopf Mason
Mrs. Lynda Kristan Hellthaler
Mrs. Alison Lawman Marcelli
Mr. Joseph W. Lynch, Jr.
Ms. Amy Manson Keating
Ms. Susan R. Millar
Mrs. Mary-Jo O'Leary
Mrs. Kari Nairn Troyano
Mr. Matthew B. Norman
Ms. Susan T. Oyler
Mr. Steven D. Parker
Mr. Randall C. Perkins
Mrs. Katherine Reese Laing
Mr. A. Thomas Roberts, IV
Mr. James J. Roche
Dr. Patrick J. Sabo
Mr. David W. Salisbury
Mrs. Elizabeth Semple Rosenblatt
Mr. Adam T. Sherman
Mr. Robert S. Sinton
Mr. Christopher D. Snow
Mr. Keith W. Talbert
Mr. Mark E. Thomas
Mr. Peter M. Traut
Mr. George P. Troyano
Dr. Linda L. Turi
Mr. Clay D. Tyeryar
Ms. Susan Ulrich McLaughlin
Mr. David J. Walker
Mr. Thomas E. Wirth
Mr. Michael P. Yanchulis

Your College Liaisons

Joe Lynch '85
Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Campus Box 417
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 337-6522

Ben Rupp
Director of Annual Giving
Campus Box 423
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 337-6508