Class of 1993: Giving

The Class of 1993 Class Gift Goal is

The Class Participation Goal is
115/454 donors (25%)

As of 12/7/17, the class has given $16,358.49 in cash and pledges to the Gettysburg Fund, Orange & Blue and/or other current use areas of the College in honor of our 25th Reunion. 29 classmates or 6% of the class have given a gift this fund year.

The following are classmates who have given to the class gift:

Class Donors

Mrs. Michele Gregory Abbott
Ms. Jane M. Annitto
Mrs. Julia Byrnes Burke
Mr. Richard J. Cotton
Mrs. Lara M. Cutro-Spina
Mrs. Elizabeth Volino DeTolla
Miss Sara E. Fischer
Ms. Christina E. Folz
Mrs. Stephanie Rogers Gannon
Mrs. Michelle Cosulich Giordano
Ms. Lisa Groenstein Habe
Mrs. Christa Tomlin Hurchalla
Ms. Lauren M. Jacobs-Breen
Mr. Michael P. Joyce
Mr. Ronald W. Keillor, III
Mr. Andrew R. Knust
Dr. Michael D. Krawshuk
Mr. Mitchell A. Lewis
Mr. Thomas P. Morrison
Mr. Gregory N. Olive
Mrs. Julie Leese Olive
Mrs. Kristen Antonelli Rinehart
Mr. Paul M. Rooney
Mrs. Amy Frey Shober
Dr. Kathryn Savitz Steinman
Mrs. Gretchen Guttendorf Tucker
Mrs. Pamela Saunderson Voelksen
Mr. Carl J. Willert
Dr. Jessica Bonner Willert

Class Donors- Thank you!

Gettysburg Fund and Orange and Blue Club, June 1 - May 31