Class of 2002: Giving

15th Reunion Records

Amount Class Year
Highest total annual giving dollars raised $83,005.38 2001
Highest participation rate 44% 1983


The Class of 2002 Class Gift Goal is $15,000.

The Class Participation Goal is 19% (85/458 donors).

As of 02/16/17, the class has given $6,631.66 in cash and pledges to the Gettysburg Fund, Orange & Blue and/or other current use areas of the College in honor of our 15th Reunion. 40 classmates or 9% of the class have given a gift this fund year.

The following are classmates who have given to the class gift:

Class Gift Donors

Mr. Ryan M. Bartosiewicz
Ms. Kelly L. Bellew
Ms. Megan J. Byrnes
Mr. Troy M. Cassel
Mrs. Pamela Mezzasalma Chaney
Mrs. Sara Holman Deriu
Mrs. Kristin O'Hara Dillensnyder
Ms. Meredith A. Doviak
Ms. Colleen M. Ellwood
Mrs. Molly Clark Elton
Mr. Eric R. Fairman
Mrs. Kathleen M. Finnesey
Ms. Meghan L. Flannigan
Mr. James P. D. Fleet, II
Mrs. Michelle Meyn Forbes
Mrs. Sarah Rafferty Garcia
Dr. Christina M. R. Giles
Mr. George W. Harvey
Mr. John W. Havens, III
Mr. William F. Herrfeldt, Jr.
Mr. A. Ryan Hitch
Ms. Margaret A. Hogan
Dr. Jennifer L. Knies
Dr. Edward C. Lis, Jr.
Ms. Erin M. McLean
Mr. Rhett D. Michaelman
Mr. Todd T. Mickel
Ms. Maria A. Mowry
Mr. Bryan K. Nogaki
Mrs. Amy Sheely Pecsi
Mr. Hans W. Ramel
Dr. Rebecca Thompson Sayers
Mr. Donald W. Seeley, Jr.
Mrs. Katharine Skowron Strzelecki
Mrs. Debra Djupman Warring
Mr. Scott M. Wild
Mrs. Katherine Calder Williams
Ms. Kimberly F. Wojcik
Mr. Gregory S. Wunsch

Donors to other Funds

Mrs. Katherine Abbott Cutler

Gettysburg Fund and Orange and Blue Club, June 1 - May 31