Class of 2005 Giving

Gettysburg College thanks the following members of your class who made a gift to the College between June 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017

Class of 2005 Donors

Ms. Amy C. Allan
Mr. Brian J. Andrews*
Mr. Austin T. Ball*
Ms. Katherine G. Banks*
Mrs. C. Kate Murphy Bashaw
Mr. Donald W. Bassett*
Mr. Phillip M. Bodenstab
Ms. Alison L. Booth*
Mr. Robert G. Borman*
Ms. Lisa C. Brierley
Mrs. Diana McNamee Clavin*
Mrs. Erin Gustafson Curtiss
Dr. Matthew B. Denholtz
Mr. Jonathan W. Earle*
Mr. Justin R. Fanslau
Ms. Rebecca E. French*
Ms. Molly K. Gale*
Mr. Michael C. Garea
Mrs. Adrienne Lampe Gilbert
Mrs. Katherine Hale Grambling*
Ms. Samantha J. Greenspun*
Mr. Michael G. Griffith
Ms. Morgan Cromwell Griffith
Ms. Kate R. Hamlett*
Ms. Bonnie O'Brien Hartung
Mrs. Ashley Tattersall Herr*
Mr. Alvincent Hutson, II
Mrs. Jessica Drake Ibbitson*
Mr. Kyle R. Ibbitson*
Ms. Molly C. Kastendieck*
Mrs. Meghan Ditto Kennedy*
Mrs. Leslie Post Langan
Ms. Victoria M. Lee*
Mrs. Emily J. Voss*
Mr. Stephen H. Light*
Mrs. Alison Wyllie MacLaren
Mr. Donald R. MacLaren, III
Mrs. Meaghan Doyle Marshall
Mr. Andrew T. Maynard
Mr. Jeffrey T. Maynes*
Mrs. Tina Tao Maynes*
Ms. Alison L. Meade
Ms. Allison R. Meckley*
Ms. Shannon C. Miller*
Ms. Kelley M. Mishler
Ms. Devina Mitra
Mrs. Carolyn Kratz Moatz*
Mr. Jacob S. Palmer
Ms. Andrea D. Pesce*
Ms. Megan L. Pilarcik*
Mrs. Tiffany Scheffer Pitz
Mr. Michael J. Pollack*
Miss Elizabeth A. Ross
Dr. Jeremy A. Ross*
Mr. Devin M. Russell*
Ms. Karen E. Sause*
Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders Sharp
Mr. Brendan M. Shelley*
Mr. Andrew G. Smith*
Ms. Megan E. Smith*
Mr. Marc P. Sorresso*
Mr. Ryan F. Stauffer
Mrs. Christina DiTucci Sweeney
Mrs. Lindsay Barton Thorvaldsen
Mrs. Melissa Bellman Valentine*
Mr. Sean T. Valentine*
Mrs. Jenny Lebowitz Walters
Mr. John A. Walters
Mrs. Stephanie Morano Weaver
Ms. Jessica Cortese Wolverton

*Denotes membership in The Loyalty Circle. The Loyalty Circle recognizes those with three or more consecutive years of giving, or those who have given each year since graduation.