Class of 2011 Giving

5th Reunion Records

Amount Class Year
Highest total annual giving dollars raised $48,376.00 2003
Highest total all dollars raised $68,366.95 2003
Highest participation rate 27% 1993

The Class of 2011 Class Gift Goal is $13,000.

The Class Participation Goal is 20.11% (112/557 donors).

As of 02/05/16, the class has given $5,668.50 in cash and pledges to the Gettysburg Fund, Orange & Blue and/or other current use areas of the College in honor of our 5th Reunion. 47 classmates or 9% of the class have given a gift this fund year.

The following are classmates who have given to the class gift:

Class Gift Donors

Mrs. Carin Smith Antochy
Ms. Margaux R. Audett
Ms. Lindsay K. Averill
Mr. Scott J. Bye
Mr. Charles J. Curcio
Ms. Angela M. Dolson
Ms. Sarah R. Flynn
Mr. Edward A. Fosse
Ms. Maggie H. Fridinger
Ms. Lexie O. Grant
Mr. Aaron L. Heft
Mr. Jacob S. Henkoff
Mrs. Marci Zimmerman Henkoff
Mr. Jacob P. Hochard
Mr. Dennis J. House
Ms. Katherine Freyhof House
Mr. Tylor J. Hykes
Ms. Kara M. Iacoviello
Ms. Chelsea R. Kasten
Ms. Katherine R. Kunkel
Mr. Long H. Le
Mr. Craig L. Martin
Mr. Alexander S. Massey
Mr. Andrew P. Maturo
Mr. Charles A. Meehan, III
Mrs. Audrey Schwinn Merrifield
Mr. James R. Merrifield
Ms. Madeleine M. Mulderrig
Mrs. Teresa M. Myers
Mr. Charles E. Naddaff, II
Ms. Elizabeth A. Palmer
Ms. Alicia C. Pepe
Mr. James S. Peterson
Ms. Alexandra N. Polanchyck
Ms. Courtney A. Raneri
Mr. Kenneth R. Robson, IV
Ms. Angela M. Rosehart
Mr. Luke A. Santoro
Mr. Kevin A. Schmitt
Ms. Allison P. Schofield
Ms. Sophie H. Schwinn
Mr. William J. Smith
Ms. Elizabeth M. Ungemach
Ms. Leigh C. Weitzmann
Ms. Devan White

Donors to other Funds

Ms. Savannah L. Galbraith
Ms. Rebecca M. Lutz

Gettysburg Fund and Orange and Blue Club, June 1 – May 31