Class of 2013 Giving

Gettysburg College thanks the following members of your class who made a gift to the College between June 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017

Class of 2013 Cupola Society Associates

Ms. Stephanie R. Gulden*
Ms. Molly K. Nulty*
Mr. Michael J. Roche
Ms. Meaghan C. Sheehan*

Class of 2013 Donors

Dr. Dina Abdurahman*
Mr. Ryan J. Anderson*
Mr. Nicholas J. Avedisian
Ms. Samantha J. Bader
Ms. Katelyn J. Burke
Ms. Emily E. Byron*
Ms. Caitlin S. Campbell
Mr. Troy R. Candiotti
Mr. Gerard G. Caswell, Jr.*
Ms. Caroline F. Coolidge
Ms. Allison T. Cooper
Mr. George A. Crabill
Ms. Taylor C. Curley*
Mr. Christopher G. Curran*
Mr. Kyle J. Davis
Mr. David R. DeBor*
Ms. Rebecca A. Deffler*
Mr. Lawrence T. DelViscio
Mr. John T. Donovan*
Ms. Lauren E. Dunne
Ms. Suzanne T. Englot
Mr. Andrew J. Ewing
Ms. Margaret E. Flora*
Ms. Maria G. Flory*
Ms. Hannah M. Frantz
Ms. Cassi L. Franz
Mr. Steven J. Franzetti
Mr. Christopher L. Fulenwider
Ms. Kelly M. Fullerton
Ms. Helena E. Gagnon
Ms. Kelsey S. Gerber*
Ms. Laura E. Habecker*
Mrs. Joy Fry Hallfors
Mr. Sterling S. Hallfors
Ms. Isabella G. Hiigel
Ms. Brinley A. Holmes
Mr. Nicholas G. Hommes*
Mrs. Erin Richards Jarabeck
Mr. Dylan P. Johnson
Ms. Margaret A. Kelly*
Ms. Abigail L. Kempson
Ms. Beverly B. Keyes
Ms. Amanda C. Kreuter*
Ms. Kavya S. Kumar
Ms. Morgan E. Leamy*
Ms. Emily M. Lindholm
Mr. Stephan T. Little
Ms. Greer A. Luce
Mr. Kevin B. Lugo
Ms. Jennifer C. Maholchic
Ms. Taylor A. Marcum
Ms. Annalise S. Margherita
Ms. Julia D. Marshella
Ms. Mairead L. McGuirk*
Ms. Lindsay A. Menton
Ensign Joseph W. Miller*
Ms. Julia P. Mitchell
Mr. Michael V. Molinaro*
Ms. Caitlin E. Moss*
Ms. Shruti Naik*
Mr. Brencis Navia
Mr. John P. Nehrings
Mr. John W. Nelson*
Mrs. Quyen T. Nguyen
Ms. Rebekah N. Oakes
Ms. Amanda M. Orzechowski*
Mr. Anthony J. Palmer*
Mr. Riccardo M. Purita*
Ms. Kathleen A. Ragon*
Ms. Emma J. Randles*
Ms. Kaitlin E. Reed
Ms. Lindsey F. Robinson
Ms. Veronica B. Rosenberger
Ms. Ashley Q. Rotchford
Mr. Paul D. Rule*
Mrs. Maggie Tosten Ryder*
Ms. Julie A. Schaub*
Mr. Gregory E. Scheiber
Ms. Christine M. Serwan
Ms. Amanda R. Smith
Mr. Austin T. Smith
Ms. Heather K. Smith
Ms. Kirsten A. Smith
Ms. Haley E. Stauch
Mr. Benjamin M. Streeter*
Mr. Shane M. Swink*
Mr. Benjamin S. Tabor*
Mr. Ryan F. Taylor*
Ms. Heather L. Thomas
Ms. Lauren E. Trotter
Mrs. Kristin North Van Meerbeke
Ms. Sara E. Vanasse*
Mr. David A. Wald
Ms. Riley T. Walker*
Ms. Qian Wei
Ms. Margaret S. Weisman
Ms. Katherine M. White
Ms. Elizabeth C. Williams*
Ms. Katherine M. Wilson
Mr. David J. Wisniewski
Mrs. Emily Aiello Wisniewski
Ms. Kylie J. Wright
Mr. Timothy E. Zielinski

*Denotes membership in The Loyalty Circle. The Loyalty Circle recognizes those with three or more consecutive years of giving, or those who have given each year since graduation.