Class of 2013 Giving

The Class of 2013 Class Gift Goal is $13,000

The Class Participation Goal is
150/601 donors (25%)

As of 3/15/18, the class has given $5,469.66 in cash and pledges to the Gettysburg Fund, Orange & Blue and/or other current use areas of the College in honor of our 5th Reunion. 85 classmates or 14% of the class have given a gift this fund year.

The following are classmates who have given to the class gift:

Class Donors

Dr. Dina Abdurahman
Ms. Sarah J. Alesio
Mr. Ryan J. Anderson
Mr. Nicholas J. Avedisian
Mr. Michael S. Behling
Mr. Christian A. Bors
Ms. Emily E. Byron
Ms. Kerry E. Campbell
Mr. Kevin R. Cantele
Mr. Joshua M. Carmel
Mr. Gerard G. Caswell, Jr.
Ms. Taylor C. Curley
Mr. Christopher G. Curran
Mr. Kyle J. Davis
Mr. David R. DeBor
Ms. Rebecca A. Deffler
Mr. Lawrence T. DelViscio
Mr. Kevin J. DeRaffele
Mr. John T. Donovan
Ms. Suzanne T. Englot
Ms. Maria G. Flory
Ms. Hannah M. Frantz
Mr. Steven J. Franzetti
Ms. Kelly M. Fullerton
Ms. Kelsey S. Gerber
Ms. Laura E. Habecker
Ms. Mariah C. HallBilsback
Mrs. Joy Fry Hallfors
Mr. Sterling S. Hallfors
Ms. Katherine A. Hanisko
Ms. Isabella G. Hiigel
Ms. Leslie M. Hodges
Mr. Nicholas G. Hommes
Mr. Michael A. Hoppes
Mr. Matthew S. Hyland
Ms. Alison L. Jones
Ms. Margaret A. Kelly
Ms. Mary-Beth Kinchen
Ms. Emily R. Kleinburd
Ms. Kavya S. Kumar
Ms. Morgan E. Leamy
Mrs. Briana Stetler Legerlotz
Ms. Emily M. Lindholm
Ms. Rachel E. Lovelidge
Ms. Lindsey H. Lyons
Ms. Mairead L. McGuirk
Ms. Lindsay A. Menton
Ensign Joseph W. Miller
Mr. Michael V. Molinaro
Mr. Brencis Navia
Mr. John P. Nehrings
Mr. John W. Nelson
Ms. Katherine K. Nestor
Mr. Ross A. Nichols
Ms. Molly K. Nulty
Mr. Michael V. Passaro
Mr. Evan P. Petrack
Mr. Riccardo M. Purita
Ms. Emma J. Randles
Ms. Julianna A. Rava
Ms. Kaitlin E. Reed
Ms. Erika Miller Reutter
Ms. Lindsey F. Robinson
Ms. Danielle G. Rubinstein
Ms. Hayward D. Sawers
Mr. Gregory E. Scheiber
Ms. Christine M. Serwan
Ms. Meaghan C. Sheehan
Mr. Lee G. Silver
1st Lt. Sean M. Silverman
Ms. Kirsten A. Smith
Ms. Clare C. Spitzer
Mr. Benjamin M. Streeter
Mr. Shane M. Swink
Mr. Ryan F. Taylor
Ms. Heather L. Thomas
Ms. Alexandra L. Thompson
Ms. Meaghan S. Trentacost
Mr. David A. Wald
Ms. Riley T. Walker
Mr. Christopher J. Waller
Ms. Katherine M. White
Ms. Elizabeth C. Williams
Mr. David J. Wisniewski
Dr. Emily P. Wisniewski

Class Donors- Thank you!

Gettysburg Fund and Orange and Blue Club, June 1 - May 31