50th Anniversary Celebration of the Distinguished Alumni Award

Among the most illustrious the attendees of Homecoming 2012 were the Distinguished Alumni Award recipients who came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this highest honor bestowed by the Alumni Association.  The honorees met with current students at a networking social, enjoyed a luncheon with President Janet Morgan Riggs '77, and were recognized during the football game half-time ceremony.

Attendees included the following:

Angeline Feeser Haines '45, former president of the Woman’s League of Gettysburg College and Trustee Emeritus.

Robert Hosking '53, former President of the Columbia Broadcasting System Radio Division.

Fred Fielding '61,former White House Counsel, and member of the 9/11 Commission.

Patrick Noonan '65, founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Conservation Fund.

David Kessler '58, United States Air Force veteran and former County Commissioner of Santa Rosa County, FL.

Joel McKean '60, President of Remote Elimination of All Landmines.

Donna Osterhoudt Schaper '69, Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church.

Jack Bream '57, former teacher, principal and a past director of the Orange & Blue Club.

Donna Brogan '60, Director of the Division of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health at Emory University.

John Clark '52, President and Chief Executive Office, Clark Metals, Inc.

Mary Carskadun '69, sleep researcher at Brown University.

James Vinson '63, former president of the University of Evansville.

Ronald Smith '72, former Vice President and General Manager of Intel Corporation.

William Matz '61, retired Major General of the United States Army.

Arthur Aikin '54, former Senior Scientist at NASA.

Mimi Kole '70, Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of California at Berkeley.

Kevin Thomas '58, movie critic for the Los Angeles Times.

George Hare '52, former medical director of the Camden County New Jersey Health Services Center.

Jacob Yingling '52, former Assistant Secretary for the Department of Economic and Community Development in the State of Maryland.

Angela Gravino Estes '64, Former executive director of Robins’ Nest, Incorporated.

Joann Hess Grayson '64, Professor at James Madison University.

Patricia Henry '70, Senior Associate Director of Athletics at Harvard University.

Richard Erdmann '68, Executive V.P. and General Counsel of The Conservation Fund.

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