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In her second go-around with the games, Nathan applies her experience in Beijing and at Gettysburg College to the job.
Caroline Nathan '12 in London

Caroline Nathan ’12 knows a bit about being a champion.

As a member of Gettysburg College’s women’s golf team for four years, Nathan carded eight individual tournament wins. She was also a member of the team which two-peated as Centennial Conference champs her junior and senior year.

It’s no wonder she is in London this summer, surrounded by the world’s best athletes.

Nathan is working as a runner/production assistant for E! News, a subsidiary of NBC Universal. She helps coordinate behind-the-scenes production needs from feeding footage to Los Angeles to standing in for rehearsal and assisting on-air anchors and guests. This is Nathan’s second go-around with the games; she served in a similar role in Beijing in 2008 for NBC’s The TODAY Show.

With competition wrapping up, Nathan took time to catch her alma mater up on all things Olympics – from famous faces to future plans.

What has the atmosphere been like?

The atmosphere is incredible. There is truly nothing as exciting as the Olympics. Even though everyone works long hours and the athletes are training extremely hard there is always so much excitement. I have met several Americans who have traveled here just for Olympic events and the passion and love they have for America is amazing.

Nathan with Bruce JennerHave you met anyone from Team USA?

The women's gymnastics team, men’s gymnast Danell Leyva, and former Olympian Bruce Jenner (in photo at left), who is also serving as an anchor for E! News.

What skills or experiences best prepared you?

The 2008 Beijing Olympics for The TODAY Show definitely prepared me a lot for what to expect in London. But over the last year, I have worked several NBC golf events and have been mentored by some of the best in the business. Because of that, I am able to contribute more in London than Beijing.

Also, Gettysburg gave me the confidence that I can do anything. Gettysburg does a great job of challenging you to set goals and surpass them. I was extremely lucky to have people that mentored me in my four years at Gettysburg.

If you had the chance to compete in one Olympic event, which one and why?

I would compete in the 100m breaststroke. I used to swim competitively before I gave it up to focus on golf, so it is the only sport that I could do that I wouldn't completely embarrass myself.

Given the summer Olympic games cycle, where do you see yourself in four years?

I start my full-time job with The Golf Channel (part of NBC Sports group) as a production coordinator in Orlando when I get back from London. Golf is being added as an Olympic sport in 2016 so I am hoping that in four years I will be able to go to Rio de Janiero with The Golf Channel.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in following in your footsteps?

Take advantage of EVERY opportunity. Gettysburg has countless networking events for careers, too. Take as many classes in as many different disciplines as you can. I was a religious studies major and learned a great deal through my classes that will be useful going forward. I have gained something from every experience at Gettysburg. You never know what connection will be the one that will change your life.

Posted: Wed, 8 Aug 2012

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